Margot Robbie Found Inspo for Her Conservative Bombshell Character on Twitter

Margot Robbie

In a new interview with Variety, Margot Robbie said that in order to understand her character in the upcoming Bombshell, she lurked on social media, finding that “Twitter was extremely helpful”.

In Bombshell, Margot is playing a conservative news producer named Kayla, and while the film is based on true events, her character is a composite. She represents the victims who were sexually harassed by late Fox News boss Roger Ailes.

The film also stars fellow Aussie Nicole Kidman, who’s playing Gretchen Carlson, as well as Charlize Theron, who’s playing Megyn Kelly. So, it’s A-Listers all-round, and you can definitely expect to see this one in the Oscar race next year.

Chatting with Variety, Margot said that she found it hard to understand her character’s perspective, at least initially.

“Understanding her upbringing and her point of view on politics in the world, that really took me a minute,” she shared.

“Twitter was extremely helpful. I would follow these young, conservative girls who are very vocal with their beliefs and their political points of view.”

Margot went on to say that she found them “fascinating”, particularly because a lot of the women were the same age as her.

Margot Robbie
Denver and Delilah

“In some ways, we’d have a lot in common. And then, in other ways I was like, ‘We are living on totally different planets’,” she explained.

Margot went on to share that she was “pretty rattled” when she read the script.

“I knew long before I finished the script that I wanted to do it and be a part of it, just because I thought it was important to tell, and be a part of, and support in any way that I can,” she said.

“I hadn’t, for once, thought of the character first. I thought of the content and the messaging before kind of aligning myself with the character. That came next, was starting to understand Kayla.”

Bombshell will hit Aussie cinemas on January 16, 2020.