Mandy Moore Announces New Album, Making 2020 Feel a lot Like 2000

After a hiatus that lasted more than a decade, Mandy Moore has just announced that she’ll be releasing a new album this year. Coming out March 6, the album, Silver Landings is the singer’s first since 2009. 

“I wanted to make a very California-sounding record — something that feels sunshiny and airy and natural,” the singer told Billboard. “ [I wanted to create] something you could listen to driving up and down the PCH with all the windows rolled down on a beautiful weekend day.” 

After coming forward for the New York Times in 2019 to speak out about “allegations of abuse against Ryan Adams,” the artist is now making her way back into the industry after the circumstances “caused her to put her music career on hold,” Pitchfork reports. 

In the meantime, she’s been building up her acting career, but it’s inspiring to see the artist return to her passion for music. In addition to the album, the singer will be going on tour across North America beginning March 20. Here’s hoping that it eventually turns into an international tour and Australia is one stop on the agenda.