This New ‘Beauty Sleep’ Mask Promises You a Solid Slumber

Solid, restful sleep can be hard to come by, so when products promise to assist you with slumber, it’s worth a try. In a quest to improve his own sleep, Lush co-founder Mark Constantine has created a new product that joins Lush’s extensive Sleepy range, which includes the extremely popular Sleepy Body Lotion.

Both Constantine and fellow Lush co-founder Helen Ambrosen have tested this new product for over a year and thought the results were too good not to share. Say hello to the newest product to join the family: the Beauty Sleep Face and Body Mask.

This decadent clay mask has been formulated with sleep-inducing lemon verbena and valerian root as well as hydrating mullein leaf and linseed decoction. The addition of lavender and neroli oil helps to provide a calming scent while ground organic aduki beans polish your skin upon removal of the mask.

Beauty Sleep.

The mask formula is finished off with a dollop of Gorgeous — arguably Lush’s most luxurious moisturiser — for a boost of hydration. Thanks to the versatility of this mask, it can be used across your face and body and is best applied just before bed.

The folks at Lush recommend using the Beauty Sleep Mask in the following manner in order to reap all of its sleepy benefits: Run a warm bath, put on some relaxing music and apply this beautiful face mask to clean skin. Sit back and relax. Inhale the neroli and let the valerian and lemon verbena get to work. Once you’re feeling relaxed and ready for bed, rinse away with warm water.

If you don’t have a bath in your home, try replicating a similar vibe with a shower and pop a few candles around your bathroom to add to the relaxed ambience.


When you purchase Beauty Sleep, all customers will receive an email with exclusive access to Lush’s special mindfulness meditation led by mindfulness practitioner, Rose Eskafi, which can also be used in tandem with the mask to help quiet your mind and encourage sleep.

According to one review on the Lush website, the Beauty Sleep Mask definitely helps you unwind after a busy day. “The combination of lavender and neroli is even more soothing than I anticipated,” wrote bethanyjoyhall. “I noticed a significant improvement in my stress level within minutes. Skin feels soft and smooth afterwards.

The Beauty Sleep Face and Body Mask will be available online and in Lush stores from Friday, November 27. A 125g tub costs $25.95, while a 315g tub is $47.95.

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