Lara Worthington Had the Best Response to Scott Morrison’s Hawaiian Holiday

Lara Worthington

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has raised eyebrows and a lot of questions this week, after he took himself off to Hawaii for a family holiday.

But no question was more iconic than that of former Tourism Australia ambassador, Lara Worthington, who took to Twitter on December 18 with just one question:

“Scott Morrison: WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU??? #AustraliaBurns #AustraliaFires”

After claims by airport staff that the Morrison’s had checked in for a Jetstar flight bound for Honolulu, Worthington’s Tweet resonated with the Australian public.

“He’s just as useful on holiday as he is in the office,” one Twitter user responded.

“This is the best Tweet of all time,” another said, while someone else felt Australia was “better off without him”.

However, there were other Australians that backed Mr Morrison’s decision to leave the country.

“Like having him here is gonna change anything. It isn’t going to put the fires out quicker. I’m no fan, but I am a realist. Not a drama queen,” one person said.

“There are federal, state and rural authorities responsible for fire and emergency services. What exactly is it you expect him to do that they aren’t already doing? Why can’t he have a holiday with his wife and children?” another said.

But, what is even more pointed about the Tweet, is that Mr Morrison was the inaugural managing director of Tourism Australia, overseeing the infamous 2006 “So where the bloody hell are you?” campaign, which shot Worthington (then Bingle) to fame.

The Prime Minister has sparked criticism for leaving the country as bush fires continue to rage with thousands affected.

The hashtags #WhereTheBloodyHellAreYou and #FireMorrison have started trending, but having Worthington Tweet to her 106.7k followers could be the biggest power move yet.