Joel Creasey Forced to Cancel Gig After Receiving Threats

Joel Creasey

Joel Creasey has had to cancel a comedy gig in Bendigo after receiving threats to his safety.

In a now-deleted post, Golden Vine Comedy, the promoter of the now-cancelled November 14 show, wrote that his “management has prevented him from doing the show because of safety concerns”, continuing “so, blame some homophobic a**hole in the Bendigo region”.

Set to be the Golden Vine Hotel’s first comedy gig, the promoters went on to say that refunds would be given to everyone who had bought tickets, adding: “Sorry once again, we were really looking forward to putting on this show for you guys”.

The Golden Vine Comedy Facebook account now has a message from Creasey himself, who clarified that while the “threat wasn’t entirely homophobic”, it was still “a safety issue” which required “an element of privacy”.

Writing that he “didn’t think that specific details around my cancellation would be posted publicly,” Creasy also added that the initial cancellation message wasn’t approved by him or his management team.

Apologising to his fans, Joel states that he doesn’t believe this incident “reflects the Bendigo community in any way,” adding: “I’ve never had to cancel a show before, love performing and love Bendigo so it’s a bit of an all-around crappy situation. Please know that it goes against my work ethic and I would have done anything for this not to have happened.”

You can read his message in full below.