These 5 Females Are Sure to Inspire You for International Women’s Day 2021

March 8 is International Women’s Day, marking the opportunity to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women while driving change in the area of gender parity. 

The theme for this years IWD is #ChoosetoChallenge as communities around the world strive for progress in the arena of women’s rights. 

In honour of the annual event, the team at The Latch shared the women that inspire them the most. These women truly embody the #ChoosetoChallenge ethos as they have all pushed the boundaries of societal norms through fashion, politics, body positivity and beyond. 

We hope they inspire you as much as they do us.

Kamala Harris Lyndsey Rodrigues, entertainment producer  

Having spent 12 years living  in the United States between 2007 and 2020, I know all too well the chaos and heartache caused by the Trump administration and how far the country has to go when it comes to celebrating minority groups. 

As a woman who is half Indian like Kamala, it is incredibly impactful to see her step into the White House as the Vice President and know that one day she will likely take over the top job. 

When I think about young women all over the world seeing a woman of colour in such a powerful position, making decisions and doing everything she can to endure progress is made where it is so sorely needed, I can’t help but feel emotional. Specifically, I think of my own (future) daughter and having the opportunity to show her that females who look like her can achieve anything. 

Read more about Kamala Harris here: Vice President Kamala Harris’ Mother Taught Her That She Could Do Anything

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Audrey Hepburn Kate Evans, wellness producer 

I first stumbled across Audrey Hepburn through (and I’m ashamed to admit) Blair Waldorf and Gossip Girl…a series known for being inspiring?

She lived through WWII and helped the Dutch Resistance throughout — how could such bravery in the face of adversity and that could very likely result in her death — not be considered an inspiration.

Not only this, but she overcame personal career disappointments to get to where she eventually did — an iconic actress, still probably one of the most renowned, featuring in some pretty timeless movies. And she’s an EGOT!

The elegant style also helps — as did a friendship with Givenchy (a dream!). More than this, she did amazing humanitarian work for the UN — she lived what she spoke.

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Jameela Jamil Anita Lyons, entertainment editor 

Jameela Jamil has a no-holds barred approach to life and is not afraid to stand up for women’s rights. Not only has she used her platform for good, but she is a changemaker for females across the globe.

For me, Jameela is both engaging and educational. Not only do I love her I Weigh podcast — which is relatable, inspiring and truly what we all need right now, but she is an industry leader with a voice and passion for change. I can only to aspire to be a leader like her in my own industry.

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Eva Chen — Alexandra McCarthy, beauty & wellness editor

I’m incredibly inspired by Eva Chen, who is the director of fashion partnerships at Instagram. Not only do I love to follow Eva’s fashion choices via the photos she shares on Instagram but her career is one I appreciate watching from a distance.

Starting off in publishing and working at titles like ELLE and Teen Vogue, Eva has adapted to the changing media landscape which culminated in her role at Instagram and she has also written a number of children’s books.

I was lucky enough to interview Eva a few years ago while she was in Sydney and she was such a kind and friendly person — something that is noticable via her Instagram Stories.

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Ashley Graham — Laura Roscioli, culture producer

Ashley was the first ever model/woman I saw on social media who had a body like mine  and she radiated confidence, beauty and independence in such a definite way that inspired me to do the same.

In fact, she got me into modelling again! I used to do it when I was 15 and very small, and now I’m curvy (and it suits me better, I think) but I lost confidence when my body changed. Ashley gave me the push I needed to get out there —  social media can be good sometimes!
Ashley always speaks out about size discrimination and diversity, and just says it how it is. She posts photos of her “imperfections” and comes after people that still try to put her in the “too big” box. I just love her.
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