Mercury Retrograde Is Making You Insanely Indecisive

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde officially ends on March 10 — we’re nearing the finish line, friends! You’ve almost made it.

While this is cause to celebrate, there’s still time for Mercury retrograde to mess with you. As someone who recently experienced a complete failure of technology, my thoughts are with you in these remaining days.

In general, Mercury rules the areas of technology, travel and communication. According to Susan Miller of Astrology Zone, when a planet goes into retrograde, it’s basically in a sleeping or resting state. So, when Mercury is resting, it isn’t supervising its sectors and chaos can ensue.

While you might experience a missed flight, a malfunctioning mobile or a disagreement with a loved one during this time, Mercury retrograde can also impact you emotionally and mentally. Here is three things to watch out for:


As a Libra zodiac sign, I experience indecisiveness literally every day. The Libra scales of balance ring ridiculously true for me and I’m in a constant state of trying to keep everything balanced. Hence why I’m constantly grappling over even the smallest decision.

During Mercury retrograde, you can experience a touch of Libra indecisiveness. According to Miller, you might “find it nearly impossible to nail down a plan” during this time and it can also be hard to get a decision from someone else.

“Even if a decision is made, it will be subject to change, either just after Mercury turns to direct motion or much later,” Miller says on her website.


Mercury retrograde can seriously scatter your brain and cause an unexpected bout of forgetfulness. According to Miller, this can manifest in a number of ways.

“You are more likely to leave your airline ticket or passport on your desk rather than put it in your pocket; leave your cell phone, sunglasses, or gloves in the back seat of a cab; or lock yourself out of your car or house,” she said.

So, the lesson here is to double and triple check everything!

Change in judgement

Your judgement can be affected when Mercury is in retrograde so it’s best to avoid making any major life decisions during this time. Try to avoid signing any serious contracts during this time and hold off on any big purchases as it might seems like a great idea now, but your feelings could change post-retrograde.

According to Miller, this period is “where mistakes are more prone to happen than at other times.” And this is because your judgement might be off.

Basically try to avoid making or acting on any decisions that could drastically change your life during Mercury retrograde.

Play it safe

While Mercury is officially out of retrograde on March 10, beware the “shadow period”. In the weeks before retrograde kicks off and after it finishes, it can cast a shadow. This means that you can experience similar retrograde effects during this time, so keep that in mind in the coming weeks.

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