What Exactly to Expect from the First Mercury Retrograde of the Year

Mercury Retrograde

If you’ve been feeling a little off for the past few days, and can’t point your finger as to why that is, it could be that you’re experiencing the effects of Mercury Retrograde. The astrological phenomenon is set to occur four times this year, with the first being from January 13 to February 3.

“You are probably feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde now mainly because we already have Uranus and Venus in retrograde,” says Janelle Palibrk, crystal expert and founder of crystal and candle company Myles Gray. “Adding in Mercury on January 14 will have three planets in retrograde at the same time.”

“So, while the start of the year has seemed pretty wild, it’s going to stay that way for a little longer, as you can always feel the energy effects of retrogrades before and after their set dates. This retrograde ends on February 3 and, by then, everything should start to calm down.”

With Venus and Uranus in retrograde during this time, too, this Mercury Retrograde will be significantly different from the other three this year. Palibrk says it’s important to remember that retrogrades happen because planets slow down, even appearing to move backward.

“Retrogrades bring up a lot of feelings from the past and can result in miscommunications, setbacks and other difficulties. Having three planets in retrograde at once — my advice is to truly slow down to take in all the information before making a decision, and to err on the side of caution around any large decisions that don’t feel 100% right.”

Ahead, Palibrk shares how to prepare and what exactly to expect from this first Mercury Retrograde of the year.

How to Prepare for the First Mercury Retrograde of 2022?

“Use crystals to calm your energy and keep your spirits high. If you are travelling, allow extra time, if you are experiencing technical problems with your technology set it aside and come back to it in a calmer state.

“Just be fully aware of your surroundings and give yourself some space to breathe. Cleanse your home if you feel like the negative energy is getting heavy, or use a cleansing spray.”

What Not to Do During This Mercury Retrograde

“Don’t make any irrational decisions or comments, bite your tongue in situations that could escalate and just slow down. Bring your workload down, eat good food and meditate a little more than normal. You are going to feel a little flustered, down and easily frustrated so identify those emotions before they impact your mood.

“Try not to sign any large-scale contracts also, Mercury is linked with communication in all forms, written and verbal so if you do have to sign a contract triple check, read the fine print and ensure everything is as it should be.”

How This Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Relationships

“Mercury Retrograde always affects our communication. It’s important if you are having communication breakdowns in your relationships right now that you really think before speaking as retrograde could make them worse. Be really clear in what you want from the other person and try to leave any big conversations for after retrograde as they could be miss communicated and cause far more conflict than necessary.”

How This Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Work

“Retrogrades can also affect our relationships at work, wreaking havoc on our emotions. It’s important during this time if you feel extra emotional or sensitive not to take anything to heart or make emotionally charged decisions. Take a step back, think about what you want from the situation and work through it silently. If in a few weeks, you feel the same, bring it up but defiantly wait.”

How This Mercury Retrograde Will Affect Our Well-Being

“Retrogrades generally play havoc on our energy, but if you can recognise your energy as misguided and know how to realign, you’ll be able to move through this retrograde without too much damage.

“You need to accept it for what it is and understand that some things aren’t meant to be. Be kind to yourself and move a little slower especially when decision making. Mediate more, find small pockets in every day to centre and ground your energy and you’ll feel so much better.”

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