How to Charge Your Crystals With the Energy of the Full Moon

Crystal healing is an alternative therapy that has become popular over the last few years. During COVID — a time of peak anxiety and stress, many have found relaxation and solace in crystal healing. Meanwhile, celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham have talked openly about their love of crystal energy work.

To harness the full potential of crystals, you have to charge them. This ritual of charging (also referred to as cleansing) is important when you’re using crystals regularly in healing practices as you need to energetically cleanse the stones of any potential bad energy.

For example, when you purchase a new crystal, chances are the stone has been handled by a number of people before it found its way to you which according to Healthline, could mean the crystal has been exposed “to energies that may be misaligned with your own.”

When using crystals for healing, the stones are also said to absorb any negativity you might be feeling and in order to cleanse the crystal of this before using it again, you must charge it. There are a number of ways to do this but the most common (and easiest!) way to do so is under the light of the full moon.

How to Charge Crystals Under the Full Moon

Letting your crystals charge under the full moon is the best way to get rid of any unwanted energy and make sure the stones are ready to be used in healing practices again.

We are currently experiencing a buck supermoon, which will last until the 15th of July, so this is a great time to cleanse your crystals.

Much like washing your makeup brushes, charging your crystals is an easy task to forget about or put off, but the full moon provides a nice reminder that it’s time to cleanse them again.

To do this, simply lay your crystals outside in a safe place and leave overnight to bathe in the light of the full moon before collecting them in the morning. According to Crystal Visions, the ideal place to lay the stones is on a natural surface like grass but if that’s not possible (especially if you live in an apartment), popping them on a windowsill will work too.

Don’t worry if your crystals aren’t in direct moonlight, especially if your window doesn’t face the moon because as Crystal Visions points out, the stones will still be charged with the full moon’s energy.

Be sure to collect the crystals before the sun gets too harsh the next day as some stones like amethyst and aquamarine are sensitive to sunlight. Before popping your crystals out in the full moon, it’s also helpful to check the weather forecast for rain or heavy mist, as certain crystals like selenite, halite and calcite are sensitive to water and could be damaged if exposed to rain.

How Often Is There a Full Moon?

There is a full moon roughly once a month, although in some special months one might occur at the very beginning and again at the end of the month. To find out when the next full moon is happening, a quick Google search will tell you.

Otherwise, timeanddate.com is a handy website that has information about the various moon phases and can tell you when the next full moon is happening according to where you live. Once you’ve found these dates, pop a reminder into your phone so you’ll be reminded to put your crystals out for charging.

Upcoming Full Moons:

The Buck Supermoon will be taking place on July 13th — and will be the biggest supermoon of 2022. The next moon will be the Sturgeon Moon on August 11th, followed by the Harvest Moon on the 10th of September — so keep these dates in mind and set your intentions.

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