The $15 IKEA Lamp Interior Designers Are Obsessed With


Lamps make for a chic and effective way to light your space for both function and visual impact. Ask any architect or interior designer, and they’ll tout the importance of lamps in creating a mood, a warm welcome, a calming space for you and your guests.

Gone are the days of harsh downlights (this is one trend we’re leaving in the naughties), because in 2021 and beyond, it’s all about the humble lamp. Whether the on-trend mushroom lamp or another style from the chubby lamp family, it’s not important. It only matters that you position your lamps at varying heights to create pools of warm light or illuminated pockets that glow in a dark corner.

While you can indeed find budget versions of these popular lamp trends, generally speaking, lighting can be a little dear. But one IKEA lamp is the exception to the rule, and it’s loved all over by some of the world’s most innovative designers — even those that specialise in lighting.

Sabine Marcelis is a New Zealand-born and Netherlands-based designer and artist specialising in resin, marble and glass sculpture and home furnishings. In a recent interview with The Latch to discuss her collaboration with IKEA to create a wall lamp, Marcelis let slip the one IKEA item she’s never gone without in her home.

She refers to the Fado table lamp, which has a spherical shade with a frosted finish that casts the light from the warm bulb within the room in a moody pool. With a base that sits almost flat to the surface in which it’s placed, the lamp appears unintimidating and suits just about every room it’s positioned in.

“I still have these! It’s this classic, round, perfect shape. It’s an anonymous piece in the house; you put them low, you put them high… I love the versatility of that lamp,” said Marcelis.

The IKEA Fado lamp comes in two sizes: 17cm and 25cm. The larger of the two would be our pick, for the bigger dimensions of the shade tends to hide the base from sight while the look in your space is slightly more impactful.

In my own home, I use the Fado lamp to light darker corners, like bookshelves, plant stands, and even on the floor. But there’s nothing to say you couldn’t also use one on your bedside table.

ikea fado lamp
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Nowadays, you can even customise your bulb at IKEA but choosing a colour. Should you wish to create a party vibe in your home, you could pick up a handful of lights and grab a red bulb, pink bulb, or blue bulb.

You can find your Fado lamp at IKEA stores now, or pick one up online.

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