There’s a Budget Version of Instagram’s Favourite Mushroom Lamp and It Looks Like the Real Deal


Instagram’s favourite lamp doesn’t typically come cheap.

The Murano mushroom lamps, which you’ve no doubt seen strategically placed on the bedsides of your favourite bloggers and influencers, are from Italian designer Gambaro e Poggi for Vetri, and were made in finite quantities in the 1970s.

As such, an original lamp would typically set back a buyer between $400 to $700 in resell value today, which can understandably feel a little steep for a lamp, particularly if you’re after a set.

While original is almost always best, and if you have the means to purchase a second-hand Murano mushroom lamp, you should (it is the most sustainable option, after all), but a new replica of the lamp has caught our eye for its more affordable price-point and pretty on-point aesthetic.

urban-outfitters lamp
Image: Urban Outfitters

Domino first spotted the remake on Urban Outfitters. Called the Ansel Table Lamp, the piece mirrors the same mushroom-style silhouette and spiral glass patterning, that looks stunning when illuminated.

When switched on, the lamp emits a soft glow perfect for bedside reading or for jazzing up a dressing table, and appears just as stunning as a sculptural piece with its bulbous base and angular shade when switched off.

The Ansel Lamp from Urban Outfitters comes in three shades. The pearl colour, pictured above, is most reflective of the original Murano lamps, while the blue marble multicolour and the more modern tortoiseshell variants add a fresh take on the vintage staple.

Image: Urban Outfitters

With a price of $142, the Urban Outfitters remake is less than half the cost of an original, making it a great alternative for those decorating on a budget.

Shop the Ansel Table Lamp on Urban Outfitter now, before it sells out, then read more about the chubby lamp trend here.

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