We Found a Budget Version of Instagram’s Favourite Mushroom Lamp for $35


Mushroom lamps have had more than a moment lately. Lurking in the background of almost every photo from your favourite interior influencers, the mushroom lamp is undoubtedly this year’s home decor mascot, instantly elevating a space and adding a chic, warm glow to any minimal zone.

While the trend has proven its long-term worth, a number of iterations of the mushroom lamp have done the rounds this year — from swirled Murano glass varieties to straight-up chubby lamps.

Now, the literal ‘toadstool’ lamp is taking the decor stage, and while we’ve come to expect to pay between $400 and $1500 for a lamp of this silhouette, we’ve found a very convincing budget version for $49.95 at an accessible Australian retailer. And right now, it’s on sale for $34.96.

Cosh table lamp, Freedom

Freedom’s new ‘Cosh’ lamp features a toadstool silhouette with a classic dome-shaped shade atop of a cylindrical base. The vintage-inspired design comes in four on-trend shades: black, grey, white and moss green.

Freedom says the piece is “perfect as a statement lamp in the living room, hallway or bedside,” and we agree.

Upon wandering the store on the weekend, I spotted the Cosh lamp hiding in the corner and momentarily lost my cool. A lamp of this design? For $34.96? I almost bought one in every shade on the spot. In the end, I opted for green.

Though I haven’t yet seen the lamp appear in any Instagram posts from design-savvy bargain hunters, it would seem that a number of interior obsessives have quietly caught wind of the amazing value piece — the lamp has sold out a few times already (read: buy it now).

In addition to the table lamp, Freedom has also released a standing floor lamp in the Cosh domed design, available in black and white for $149.

cosh floor lamp
Cosh floor lamp. Freedom

You’re welcome.

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