Keen to Grow Your Own Avos? This New IKEA Collection Makes It a Breeze

IKEA plant collection

Plants have been proven to boost moods, reduce stress and help with creativity. And then there’s their aesthetic effect on a room. They can add a pop of greenery, make a room feel cosier and cast stunning shadows on the walls behind them when the sun hits them.

For many, the only issue with plants is that they have to be continually cared for. Even the low-maintenance foliage requires specific attention. For those who struggle with that but are keen on all the positives plants can bring to a home, IKEA’s new Daksjus plant collection should be a godsend.

The collection launched in Australia in stores and online on February 1. It’s all about easy planting and low-effort plant maintenance. Priced from $3 to $99, it’s not only aimed at novice plant owners but also pros after new ways of displaying their foliage.

IKEA seed planter for seeds australia
Image: IKEA

One highlight is a $15 set of three different coloured and sized vases. The vases can be used to grow seeds, including those from avocado, or stem or twig cuttings from existing plants. The edge of the vases was designed to support the small leaves while the roots have space to grow downwards. The vase’s narrow neck reduces the rate of evaporation.

Other items in the collection that help you grow plants from scratch are a $10 two-piece sprouting dish, made from terracotta that helps to absorb and retain excess water and a $3 potting mat that helps to keep the soil contained. A $12 set of two plant supports made from steel wire helps support plants, allowing them to climb the frame. Both frame designs, in copper and black, can add to a room’s aesthetic.

IKEA plant support planter for seeds australia
Image: IKEA

For the green thumbs who want to proudly display their talents, a $79 vertical plant stand can hold three plants. A $25 set of two hanging planters can be attached to a rod or ceiling hook. The collection also contains two styles of self-watering plant pots, so you can keep your plants hydrated without having to worry about constant upkeep.

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