This Plant You’ve Never Heard of Is Becoming a Household Name


Countless studies have proven the mental health benefits of plants. They can boost creativity, reduce stress and increase productivity. Then there are plants’ aesthetic positives, too. On top of adding a pop of greenery, they can make a room feel cosier and cast stunning shadows on walls when natural light streams through the windows.

No wonder we want plants in our homes. But not all plants are created equal. Some are easier to care for. Others have different effects on room aesthetics. And others still are considered more on-trend than others. If trendiness is what you’re after, you’ll be keen to learn what’s been dubbed 2024’s plant of the year: the Dracaena Janet Craig Compacta.

According to a 2024 Trend Report put together by EasyPlant, sales of the Dracaena Janet Craig Compacta, also known as the Dracaena Deremensis or Dracaena Janet Craig, have doubled in the couple of months leading up to the report. Because of this, the company named the African native plant the ‘it’ houseplant of 2024.

best houseplant low light
Image: EasyPlant

“This resilient plant thrives in spaces with direct sunlight to indirect low light, making it the perfect plant to elevate any space,” a blog post on EasyPlant reads. “Its deep-green, angular leaves add texture, something we’ll see more of when it comes to home design in 2024 and beyond.”

Aesthetically, the plant features spiky clusters of leaves that make a statement wherever you put them. It requires very little water, maintenance or attention, generally considered to be a tough, adaptable evergreen that blooms white-pink flowers, though rarely. It’s also efficient as a clean-air plant that can eliminate toxins from the environment.

“These plants are slow growers and therefore ideal if you are looking for a tree of a particular size and shape, as it is unlikely to quickly outgrow the form you buy it in,” writes advises blog Greenery Unlimited.

best houseplant low light
Image: EasyPlant

Dracaenas can also be propagated from cuttings. Simply pop the trimmings in water and wait for them to root before planting. As the plant is slow growing, though, the process can be lengthy.

The plant report also called out the Money Tree as an ideal houseplant choice to buy and display in 2024, as it’s the Year of the Dragon. “Its braided trunk and verdant leaves symbolise wealth and positive energy, complementing the Dragon’s attributes of power and wisdom,” the report quotes Feng Shui experts saying.

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