4 Low Maintenance House Plants That Won’t Kill Your Pets

Non toxic plants for pets

If you’re a pet owner, you probably already know, many common plants aren’t actually safe for cats and dogs. In fact, some plants, including English ivy, mistletoe, and boxwood, can even be so toxic, that when ingested, they can cause vomiting or diarrhea, shaking, or seizures.

So, what are some plants you can get for your home that won’t harm your pet? Fortunately, there are heaps of options. But ahead, we’ve rounded up some of the prettiest and, importantly, most low maintenance. With these picks, you’ll get a green-filled home that’s kind to both you and your pet.

Spider Plant

Spider Plants (Chlorophytum comosum) are one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. And, according to the US’s National Capital Poison Center, spider plants are non-toxic to both cats and dogs.

They feature a spider-like shape with long, drooping stems. Conveniently for those who have too much on their mind to remember to water plants, Spider Plants grow well in a range of light situations (though, steer clear of direct sunlight), and only require watering when the top few centimetres of potting media has dried out.

Spider plant
Image: Getty Images


Cacti are one of the least maintenance of plants, though you should still water them occasionally. What’s more, if possible, add a slow-release fertiliser to their soil. Remember with cacti that direct sunlight is key. If you treat catci right, you might even be rewarded with a bloom or two, though they’ll be short-lived.

Note that while cacti aren’t poisonous to cats or dogs if consumed, many have tiny, barbed glochids that can lodge into skin and therefore make the plant hazardous to pets. Because of that, it’s best you keep them out of reach of any cats and dogs.


Chinese Money Plant

Small and compact, the Chinese Money Plant (Pilea peperomioides) looks like little saucers balancing on fine sticks. Allow the potting soil to dry out after every watering before hydrating it again, and avoid putting the plant in direct sunlight.

Your reward? You’ll get heaps of tiny pups (baby plants) that you can carefully cut away and propagate. Final bonus: These plants are considered non-toxic to cats and dogs.

Chinese Money Plant

Banana Tree

For a dramatic plant option, opt for the banana tree (Musa spp.), which can grow up to being roughly 182cm tall. It’s safe for human consumption, so it’s unsurprising it’s non-toxic to cats and dogs.

The only downside is that it does require slightly more work than other plants on this list. It’s a tropical plant, so where it’s being grown needs to replicate that environment. It’ll need rich soil, bright light, and regular watering.

Banana Tree
Image: Unsplash

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