4 Simple Tweaks You Can Do Now to Make Your Home Look Expensive

Expensive home

Who doesn’t want their home to look expensive? To have it look like your furniture and décor were far pricier than they were in reality, like you may have even splurged on an interior stylist to put it all together?

Here’s the thing: while having fancy furniture and décor will give your home that *expensive* feel, if you don’t have that cash to splash, it is possible to fake it. How? By focusing on the details.

There are countless tweaks you can make to fake that upgrade, and home styling creator and mum-of-two Chantel Mila has shared some of her favourites in two Instagram Reels. “Treat yourself to inexpensive luxuries to make your home feel amazing,” she writes alongside one Reel.

Some of her hacks ahead.

Tuck Sheets With Hotel Corners

Though most of your house guests won’t be coming into your bedroom, this hack will have you feeling like your home is expensive, by recreating hotel bedding in your own.

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“Make simple hotel / hospital corners on your linen to make the space feel a little bit more special,” Mila writes. “I’ve also used flax linen sheets which have a natural, soft texture — no ironing required.”

In the video, she explains that you lift the sides of the sheet into a triangle, tuck the base and then tuck the triangles to create the polished effect you see with hotel bedding.

Spray Tap Water on Bed Linen

Another fancy-feeling hack in the bedroom is to create crisp sheets, another element synonymous with hotel bedding.

Spray water linen

If you don’t feel like ironing your sheets, fill up a spray bottle, which you can get from Kmart, with tap water, and then spray it on them. The water will easily smooth out their wrinkles, leaving your bed looking polished.

Hide Messy Cords

Next up: hiding your cords. While Mila uses the cords around her bedside table, including her lamp outlet cord and phone charger, she says that if you can hide cords anywhere else around your home, do so. The area will look less cluttered, and feel more spacious.

Mila suggests using clear, stick-on hooks, which you can stick to the side of a piece of furniture and wrap the cord around.

Declutter Tables and Surfaces

Finally, declutter any tables and surfaces. While Mila again uses an example from a bedroom, the rule can be applied to any tables and surfaces in your home.

When placing décor items back on the cleared surface, Mila suggests considering the rule of thirds for placement, which is dividing the space into horizontal and vertical thirds, and then placing the items along any of the four middle points. The trick is used in photography, too, as it’s said that when objects are placed in those spots, the eye then knows to focus there.

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