Kmart Is Selling a Heated Throw for $35 So That’s Your Winter Uniform Sorted


Budget retailer Kmart always seems to hit the nail on the head.

The everything-store has proven itself a viable fashion retailer with on-trend pieces deserving of viral attention, and now, it’s making headline once more — this time for a very affordable heated throw rug, discovered by Pedestrian TV.

Guaranteed to make the winter months infinitely better, the heated throw is just $35, which is fantastic when you consider prices from competitor retailers that clock similar blankets in anywhere from $50 to $149.99 (does it read you a bedtime story too?!).

Kmart says its throw will keep you “warm and comfy” with variable heat settings with timer control, to ensure it turns off safely after a set period.

The item has overheat protection and the controller is also detachable, which means you can wash it in the machine when you inevitably spill crumbs, chocolate and ice-cream on it during a late-night Netflix binge…which is all you do now.

Shop the range of Kmart’s heated throws here. There are two cosy colours to choose from: light grey and charcoal.

It’s the perfect pairing to the heated dog bed we discovered yesterday, $39.99, being sold by budget supermarket Aldi on Saturday, 16 May, as part of its latest Special Buys drop.

Now, both you and your precious pooch can be kept warm all winter, and never, ever leave the comforting cocoon of your heated beds. Not even for walkies.

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