Congratulations, Candice Wu! Fresh Off The Boat Has Been Cancelled

Candace Wu

There are certain events in life that everyone remembers, like their wedding, getting their first pet, the birth of their first child. I don’t have any of those memories to reflect on, but what I do remember is the day Constance Wu found out Fresh Off The Boat got renewed for a sixth season and ah… flipped out on social media.

A great day, indeed. I mean, it wasn’t just this one sub-tweet. She also tweeted that she was “so upset [she was] literally crying” at the news, commented “dislike” on an Instagram post about the show being renewed, and had her Crazy Rich Asians co-star Gemma Chan faving tea-spilling mean tweets about her. 

It was all quite the scandal, and even after she released a statement attempting to explain that she actually loved working on the show, but its renewal meant having to pass on a project she desperately wanted to work on, everyone was kind of like “Sure, Jan!” and we all moved on to the next Twitter drama.

That is, until Saturday, when it was announced that Fresh Off The Boat had been cancelled after its sixth season.

With Twitter being full of petty lunatics who never forget anything (it’s me, I’m a petty lunatic) everyone began congratulating Constance for getting her wish, and as you’d expect, the memes are just great.

Just another wonderful day on social media.