The Foo Fighters Are Down to Disco With a Bee Gees Tribute Record

Foo Fighters

Now, for something a little different.

Dave Grohl‘s beloved rock group, Foo Fighters, have reinvented themselves (temporarily) as The Dee Gees — a tribute to ’70s legends The Bee Gees.

Their first order of business? The release of a 10-track LP which features the groups takes on five Bee Gees classics, including You Should Be Dancing, Night Fever, Tragedy, and More Than a Woman. The release, titled Hail Satin, also boasts five of the Foo’s Medicine at Midnight tracks which they recorded live at their 606 studio.

The disco album — which is being released on Vinyl, no less — is being released to commemorate Record Store Day, an annual event that celebrates the culture of the independently owned record store and brings together fans, artists, and thousands of independent record stores across the world.

Grohl, who later this year will be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alongside his Foo Fighters bandmates, said, “We’ve been going down to our studio every day and filming things and recording things, and this one day we had our list of things we were supposed to do and it said, ‘Record a cover song for Jo.’ [Wiley – whose BBC show the band performed on earlier in 2021.)

“And while we were having this conversation somebody said, ‘Hey, have you seen that Bee Gees documentary?’ And I was like the last person on earth — the only person that hadn’t seen it! So I was like, ‘Why don’t we just do a Bee Gees song?’ And someone was just like, ‘OK… how do you wanna do it?!’ And I said: ‘Well, let’s do it like the Bee Gees.’”

And so, that is exactly what they did, with Grohl having something of an epiphany in the process.

“We started recording the instrumental track, and then I thought,  ‘OK, well I’m gonna go out and sing it…’ and let me tell you: I have never, ever in my life sung like that, but it was the easiest song I have ever sung in my entire life!” he said.

“I sang the song, and it was like six minutes and I was done. I should have been singing like this for the last 25 years!”

While we are grateful that Grohl has brought us his trademark guttural growls over the past quarter-century (who feels old?), we also can’t wait to hear him and the guys get their groove on too. Knowing them, it will be epic as always.

Hail Satin will be released on July 17, 2021.

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