Twitter Has Decided That Daisy Ridley And Cole Sprouse Are Twins

Move over, Dylan Sprouse, because according to Twitter, Cole Sprouse has a twin who looks even more like him than the Riverdale actor’s actual, biological, identical twin.

Yes, you read that right. In a late entry for 2019’s version of ‘The Dress’, the hottest debate online is whether the Star Wars actress looks like Riverdale‘s own Jughead.

After Twitter user @miahoth first brought the similarity to the public’s attention back in 2017, the revelation been quietly gathering steam since then, before Cole Sprouse himself addressed it.






In a now-deleted IG snap, Cole posted a photo of Daisy, captioning it “Just a nice photo of me”, which prompted his IRL twin Dylan to respond: “That’s me smfh”. Twin shenanigans, we love to see it!


Of course, this only prompted more people to chime in on Twitter, and yep, they pretty much all see the resemblance.



One person who doesn’t see it, however, is Daisy Ridley herself, who didn’t seem to love the comparison when asked about it in a recent interview.

After asking if Cole was “one of the twins from… Friends???”, a role he shared with brother Dylan when they played Ross Gellar’s son Ben from 2000-2002, the reporter handed her a screenshot of Cole’s IG post and asked her to confirm or deny the resemblance.

“I mean, I’d like to believe I don’t look like a man,” Daisy began, adding that it was “a particular hairstyle” that heightened any similarities.

“It’s like, ‘hey, remember that guy that you look like?’ It’s like ‘remember you’re playing that amazing woman? You got it because you look like a man’,” Daisy added with a laugh.

“I think it was the particular picture,” she conceded, adding: “I mean, we’ve both got fairly big teeth — I’ve got bigger — and I’ve let my brows grow out so maybe there’s a bit of that, and we’ve both got fairly big foreheads, to be fair. Otherwise, I’d like to think I look like my own human, girl-self.”

So, are you with Cole, or Daisy?