Cottagecore Gardens Are Trending and It’s Good News For Our Australian Bees

cottagecore garden

We treat trends that emerged from TikTok with a healthy dose of scepticism, if not outright hostility (looking at you nature’s cereal and hot cross bun lamb burger). But one that we’re pretty big fans of (and that emerged in the height of lockdown last year) is cottagecore.

As one of our writers described the soothing online aesthetic, it “revolves around simple, rural life.”

“Think quaint thatched cottages with overgrown gardens, fresh laundry hanging on the line, apple pie baking in the oven, a quilted picnic blanket in a green field, florals, fresh fruit, clean mountain air.”

Now circle back to the green field and florals — that’s right, cottagecore is coming for our gardens. In fact, the Royal Horticultural Society UK says a cosy cottage-garden look is one of the top gardening trends for 2021, with delphiniums, lupins, foxgloves and poppies being in high demand.

Overlapping blooms in striking hues, with pops of bold colour scattered throughout, overgrown, lazy lawns — think the secret garden in…The Secret Garden (the 1993 version, obviously), or Miss Honey’s garden in Matilda. 

The Herald Scotland also dubbed it one of the top gardening trends for the year, describing the planting style as “relaxed, creating a tapestry of colour year after year from flowering and foliage plants, including annuals and cut flowers.”

Another reason why it’s having a renaissance? Because pollinating insects — like our beloved bees — love the aforementioned plants; the trend has been dubbed a “wildlife-friendly haven.”

Specifically, bees and butterflies love lavender — with that scent, who doesn’t? — as well as buddleja and geraniums. You could even grow your own vegetables if you want to take cottagecore to the next level.

If you’re renting, or live in an apartment without a backyard, cottagecore gardens can be contained within pots or windowsill boxes — or displayed with tension rods. Pansies are a great option for those confined to indoor growth — as one Redditor showed, they can then be pressed into shortbread for full cottagecore effect.

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