Is the Pandemic Over for Rich People?

Serious question. Is the coronavirus pandemic over for rich people? Looks like it.

While COVID continues to be an issue around the world, it seems like the rich and famous have forgotten we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. They may be following all the correct protocols, keeping their distance, wearing masks etc, but does it really send the best message to the wider public to be seen out and about partying and travelling? Is it insensitive to the lives lost and people struggling?

The Venice Film Festival is currently taking place, and while some are in masks and distancing, there are also non-Italian residents who have flown in for the occasion.

Cate Blanchett, Tilda Swinton and Matt Dillon have all made a special appearance on the red carpet. Sure, it’s work, so if there are border restrictions in place for where they came from, chances are they were allowed special privilidges. But what about the rest of us who want to head O/S for a spot of “work” and conveniently tap a holiday on at the end? Only one quarter of Australia’s travel application requests have been granted. (Note: We have no idea if any of them are tapping a holiday onto the end, but wouldn’t you?!)

Kylie Jenner is another example of what some are calling “covidiocy”. Given she shares a great deal of her life across her social accounts (please never stop, Kylie), she has been caught numerous times on social media meeting up with friends during lockdown and not wearing a mask.

At the end of August, Jenner was also spotted on her Instagram in Paris. Fans in the comments section weren’t too happy. Worth noting since August 1, US citizens are able to travel to France so long as they present a negative COVID test. However, the issue more lies in the fact that Jenner was flaunting the trip on Instagram, while so many are unable to leave the house. Insensitive? Tell us what you think.

Here’s some more COVID-reality.

According to The Cut, rich people are so bored, they’re dropping millions on diamonds. A new report in Bloomberg, said that “the pivot hasn’t negatively impacted sales on collectible jewellery.”

“What we’re finding is that anything of good quality is performing well,” Catharine Becket, Sotheby’s “magnificent jewels” specialist in New York, told Bloomberg, “and actually better than it would have just a couple of months ago.”

Locally, megastars like Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban were also touched with the golden exemption crown. Back in July, upon arriving home from Tennessee so that Kidman could film Nine Perfect Strangers, they were spared from mandatory hotel quarantine.

The couple arrived by private jet, along with their two daughters, and were allowed to isolate in their holiday home in a regional part of NSW.

At this point, Australia had already closed its borders to the world with all travellers returning home (still) being placed in compulsory hotel quarantine for a fortnight. Unless, of course, you are an Oscar-winning actor or Grammy Award Winning musician and live on a country estate…

Nicole and Keith
Getty Images.

Then there was the case of a Melbourne millionaire who cruised to Queensland on his luxury yacht — stopping along several locations on the New South Wales coast before finally disembarking in Queensland — where there are strict border restrictions.

Mark Simonds, who is the executive director of development company Simonds Group and six other people, left Victoria on his yacht “Lady Pamela” on August 9 for a 15-day voyage and had been granted a travel exemption to enter Queensland. Why? No one knows.

After public outrage, Simonds, his yacht and his travel exemption were promptly revoked and according to the ABC, a Queensland spokesperson said: “New information had been provided which indicated the owner of the Lady Pamela [the Super Yacht] obtained an exemption approval based on incomplete information,” and that “any attempt to bypass or manipulate Queensland’s border directions was unacceptable.”

It seems as though the lifestyles of the rich and famous will always have their benefits. We as a community must continue to do the right thing where possible by wearing a mask, washing our hands and listening to authorities.

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