Bill Hader Doesn’t Understand Why You Want Him So Badly

Bill Hader

Bill Hader has long been one of Hollywood’s few remaining good guys, ie a longstanding, genuinely funny comedian who hasn’t been cancelled for doing something appalling, but this year was the year he officially became an online sex symbol.

After a meme of the actor dancing went viral recently, and as his HBO series Barry aired its second season earlier this year, the internet collectively decided that, yeah, they were into Bill.

Super into him.

They want him, and Bill doesn’t quite know what to do with this newfound status as a “sex symbol”.


In a new interview with InStyle, the actor revealed that he’d been recently informed by a friend that the internet was “thirsting for him”.

“I didn’t know what that meant,” he recalled. “They’re what? At the what? I don’t understand it at all. I think it’s good to have humility, but I might have…too much of it.”

He added: “The whole confidence thing is a weird one,” he shared. “It depends on what day it is.”

Bill, if you want us to fall out of thirst with you… being humble and down-to-earth about all of this is not the way to do it! In fact, not to alarm you, but you might have made it worse.