Remove Unwanted Back Hair With This Handy Trimmer

Given the limited accessibility you have, getting rid of back hair can be difficult. Shaving with a regular razor requires a lot of twisting and turning and you’re usually left with a patch that you just can’t reach.

Waxing is also an option but is easiest undertaken by a professional so it can’t really be done from the comfort of your own home — and, in case you’ve never experienced waxing before, it is also a wee bit painful.

The easiest route (and one that doesn’t hurt at all) is to invest in a device that can easily reach around your back — much like a back-scratching device. During a recent scroll through Shaver Shop, we discovered such a gadget.

Instagram @bakbladegroomingco

The BakBlade Back Hair Trimmer works much like an extension of your arm and allows you to reach your whole back in order to remove the unwanted back hair. The head of the device includes a flexible razor design that adjusts to your body’s contour, which in turn, creates less friction between your skin and the blade. The blades have also been designed specifically to shave back and body hair, which tends to be less coarse than facial hair.

This Back Hair Trimmer is multi-use and can also be used on other areas of your body including your stomach and chest, should you wish to remove the hair from there. And, much like a regular razor, this one can be stored in the shower and comes with a wall mount as it can be used for wet or dry shaving.

Reviews of the BakBlade Trimmer are pretty glowing, with one shopper writing: “I use this on my entire torso and it works like a charm. Buy one today and be less hairy tomorrow.”

Instagram @bakbladegroomingco

Another reviewer by the name of Raff left some helpful advice on how to use the device on the Shaver Shop website. Be warned, the razor is sharp!

“Used it for the first time today, it did an EXCELLENT job, left my back smooth ‘n silky like a baby’s backside,” Raff wrote. “I only have (had) very sparse back hair so this cleaned up nicely. Just be careful on the bonier parts like shoulders/clavicle as it’s VERY sharp, don’t press down on it, just let it glide under its own weight and you’ll have a silky smooth back with NO nicks/cuts in no time.”

Shop the BakBlade Back Hair Trimmer for $39 via Shaver Shop and you’ll have smooth, hairless skin in no time.

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