How Long Should Two People Date Before Getting Engaged?


It seems like Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s short-lived engagement has led to bliss for the Thank U Next singer.

Grande and her realtor boyfriend, Dalton Gomez, are engaged after ten months of dating. Taking to her Instagram overnight, the 27-year-old posted some loved-up photos of her and her new fiancé, captioning the post: “forever n then some”.

Firstly, we cannot get over the stunning engagement ring and secondly, hang on a second? Who is Dalton Gomez?

As someone who enjoys Grande’s music, I definitely missed the memo on this union so the announcement has come as a little bit of a shock to me. However, a quick search through the interwebs will prove that these two have indeed been locking lips for quite a while now. But, it’s only been 10 months. Have they been dating long enough to really know they are end game?

Instagram: @arianagrande

With shows like Married at First Sight and Love is Blind, we have seen some semblance of proof that a quick meeting can spell “The One” for some people. In fact, we did our own research and found a couple that met on a holiday, were engaged the next month and have been married for 41 years. Amazing.

While these are truly one in a million unions, it got me thinking. Is there a perfect length of time for people to be together before saying ‘I Do’?

According to relationship expert, Sarah Louise Ryan, it’s “never too soon” to get engaged. During an interview with the Evening Standard after Grande got engaged to Davidson after weeks of dating, Ryan said that if it “feels right” then “engagement should be on the cards”.

“When it feels right and a couple know they don’t want to spend their lives with anyone else that’s when engagement should be on the cards, if marriage is what they want, of course. It’s about choosing each other and committing,” she told the outlet.

“When you know, you know. It doesn’t matter the length that you’ve loved, it’s about the depth in which you love. If you have met the person you connect with deeply and can communicate fully with – it’s never too soon.”

The world has significantly changed in the last few decades and social norms are certainly being challenged. What’s right for one couple may not be right for another, but it’s not up to society to say when two people should get married or if they will at all.

“When it comes to timings for milestone moments in a relationship, the reality is a couple should go through each step in their relationship progression only when it’s right for them. It all depends on timing in life, emotional availability and readiness,” Ryan added.

So, yes. There is a perfect time to get engaged. It’s when two people who are committed to one another, decide to do it. The end.

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