The Womanizer for Men Is Here With the Same Pleasure Air Technology


People with vulvas have long delighted in the joys of the Womanizer. Undoubtedly, the Maserati of pleasure products, the hand-held sex toy uses patented Pleasure Air™ Technology exclusive to the Womanizer brand, which guarantees an orgasm in mere seconds.

Before now, people with penises had been missing out, but the launch of a new sex toy promises to revolutionise the way men orgasm with a new type of climax experience.

The Arcwave brand for men launche dunder global company WOW Tech, the world leader in intimate pleasure products and owner of the Womanizer and We-Vibe brands.

In entering the market, Arcwave announced the world’s first Pleasure Air stroker, which it calls the Ion.

Using the same patented Pleasure Air technology from the Womanizer products, the Ion designed to “activate and stimulate nerve endings that more traditional forms of male masturbation aren’t able to”, and according to the brand’s research, the product has already seen “mind-blowing” results.

Ion is the first of several product launches to come from Arcwave in the next year. While we’re unsure yet what these new toys will look like, we’re assured they’re all innovative and technology-driven, to “elevate men’s masturbation experience to a new level”.

arcwave ion
Image: Arcwave

Here’s how it works.

During extensive research, the team working on the product discovered that the frenulum, which is located on the tip of the penis, had the same type of nerve endings as the clitoris.

Using Pleasure Air technology, they tested the theory that stimulation to this area could result in more powerful and intense orgasms. And they were right. After more than two years of research, 13 prototypes, and regular feedback from an international testing panel, the Ion was perfected.

Around 100 men around the world have tested the product, and these men describe the orgasm with Ion to be unique, more intense, and longer than those after their usual masturbation. In a more niche study of 20 men, 70% said they experienced a more intense climax with Ion than ever before.

Now, the completed product has eight intensity levels, is water-resistant, has smart silence technology, is easy to clean, and comes with a storage base that doubles as a charging station.

The Arcwave Ion is now available in Australia for $299. Want to know more? Check out our honest review of the Arcwave Ion.

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