Love Hotels Exist In Australia, and They’re Literally Everywhere


Around the world, and most commonly in Japan, ‘Love Hotels’ exist to provide a comfortable stage for a romantic rendezvous.

For those unfamiliar, a Love Hotel is comprised of pay-by-the-hour rooms, and are most commonly rented out by lovers looking to “rest” together for a short or long while. There are said to be over 37,000 Love Hotels in Japan, and according to data, around 2% of Japan’s population visits a Love Hotel every day for sex with a companion.

Here in Australia, it’s less common to happen upon a pay-by-the-hour room, but that doesn’t mean Love Hotels don’t exist. In fact, there are an estimated 264 around Australia and at least 83 in Sydney alone. They’re just marketed very differently.

In Japan, Love Hotels may have more obvious names like Hotel Casa Nova, Casablanca, Adore and Amour. While some are discreet and look near-identical to regular hotels, many will be themed for sex, with decor that includes red velvet, round beds, mood lighting, spa baths, rose petals and massage chairs.

In Australia, Love Hotels look like any other high-end business hotel, because that’s exactly what they are. While the hotels you walk past every day don’t show hourly rates on their websites, many of them will allow guests to spend as little as an hour in their rooms during the day.

Like we said, you won’t find these hotels marketing their pay-by-the-hour rates online or in the lobby, but a site called Dayuse has collated all the information on room rates and inclusions, and acts as a discreet booking platform online.


On its Love Hotel offering, Dayuse says: “Married couples, lovers and friends, nobody can resist a hotel for lovers. The Love Hotels in Sydney are a great way to spice up relationships. Relax, clear your mind and rest for a few hours during the daytime.

“Both sexy and romantic, the hotel for lovers can offer a glamorous setting to all couples in search of elegance and intimacy. Love Hotels are a great place for spontaneous surprises.”

Available for certain timeframes depending on the individual hotel, Love Hotels can be booked via Dayuse at rates up to 75% off the nightly rate. Though the platform, notable hotel brands like the Novotel, Pullman, Rydges, Ovolo, and InterContinental will all let you book its rooms by the hour, and some will even allow you use of the facilities, like the pool, gym and bars.

Through Dayuse, you can also request romantic extras like a bottle of Champagne to be sent to your room, though no payments are made through the platform — money is exchanged directly through the hotels upon check-in or check-out, which also means cancellations are free, even until the very last minute.

Sexy rendezvous aside, Dayuse markets its platform for teeing up short-term stays for remote work, a pamper day, a midday snooze, for travellers on a layover, for businesses hosting an event, or for those simply seeking to use the facilities like a pool.

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