Review: Arcwave Ion Men’s Masturbator


I’ve long been envious of women’s masturbators. Past girlfriends have taken pleasure in an arsenal of well-designed, aesthetically pleasing toys that consider both form and function, while the appearance and functionality of men’s masturbators typically leave a lot to be desired. So naturally, I was excited to hear of the Arcwave Ion, the world’s first pleasure air stroker for people with penises. 

A late-2020 launch from WOW Tech, the parent company of Womanizer, the device uses the same patented pleasure air technology that female friends rave about. 

“The Arcwave brand is focused on creating a cultural shift that redefines masculinity, elevating the solo-sex experience for the modern man with premium, unparalleled pleasure,” Arcwave said in a press release. 

Rather than the whole penis, the Ion focuses on the tip, and more specifically, on the Pacinian pleasure receptors in the frenulum, which according to WOW Tech, are the same to that in the clitoris. By stimulating this area only, the Ion promises a new type of intense orgasm. They’re calling it a ‘newgasm’.

Selflessly, I took one for the team and recently road-tested the Arcwave Ion. Here is my honest review. 

First impressions:

This box is massive. Why are there so many pieces? Where exactly am I supposed to be putting my dick? Unboxing the Ion felt a bit intimidating, and at one point I seriously wondered how I could possibly recycle the box without my neighbours spotting it in the bin. 

Nonetheless, I am impressed at the Ion’s appearance. Compared to the garish masturbators I’ve come across in adult stores and online, this feels elevated, sophisticated — with a matte black appearance that’s more ‘self-care’ than sexually charged. 

To the touch, the silicone-coated hardware feels solid and smooth, well-designed, and like it would be quite comfortable. I do wonder about how it would be to clean, but unlike other closed masturbators, this one has an open end. I guess I will see how that fares soon. 


How does it work:

Using plenty of lube, you slide your penis into the pliable silicone sleeve. The Ion can detect skin contact, so while it’s surprisingly loud when in use (best whipped out when home alone), the Smart Silence technology means it’ll stop when it loses contact. 

The instructions specifically warn against thrusting, which feels somewhat unnatural at first and takes a few minutes of getting used to. If you want to level up the sensations, you can toggle between the device’s eight intensity settings which are easily controlled from a plus and minus button at the base. 

The Ion works by edging the user into an intense orgasm, and true to its mission, it does feel different. The Ion is then easily cleaned — it’s 100% waterproof, and you can also separate the sleeve from the device. 

Would I recommend it:

Arcwave says the Ion may take a little getting used to, and I believe that to be true. But a few uses in, and I can seriously see its appeal. While pretty bulky to store, the charging case does give the device a discreet appearance that’s pretty sleek when left out on a bedside table, which is much more than can be said for other fleshlights and male masturbators (which belong deep in the bedside drawer).   

It does work, and it does deliver a different kind of orgasm that I’m keen to explore further — practice makes perfect — but is it $299 better than using your hand? Probably not. 

To cashed-up penis owners who have the means and are looking to shake things up, I’d say give it a go. What have you got to lose? To someone else who would be overextending the budget to get their hands on one: I’d say sit tight and go about things the old fashioned way for now.

No doubt Arcwave will release a more comprehensive masturbator in due course — one that does a number on the whole penis, not just the tip. 

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