The Apple Watch Will Soon Offer the Most 2020 Update — a Handwashing Timer

Apple Watch

Apple has announced a series of improvements to its software at the annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which was live-streamed from Apple’s headquarters in California due to the coronavirus pandemic.

When it comes to the Apple Watch update, one of the most exciting announcements was the Sleep App — a sleep tracking app that Apple Watch wearers have wanted for a while. The new app goes further than just tracking your sleep cycle, it also “helps you create a schedule and a bedtime routine so you can meet your sleep goals,” says Apple.

The features within the app include Sleep Mode, which means your watch will automatically turn on Do Not Disturb and stop the screen from waking when you get into bed.

There is also a sleep chart, which shows how much shuteye you’ve had in the past week, while the tracking “accelerometer” will take note of subtle movements and differentiate between sleeping and waking states.

There’s also a Wind Down function that helps you establish a sleep routine and can be programmed to play a meditation app and dim your lights once in bed.

Apple Watch
Image: Apple

When it comes to waking up, you’ll be greeted with a weather report and your battery level. If you happen to wake before your alarm, you’ll also be shown a prompt to turn your alarm off.

There has also been a few changes to the Activity app, which has been renamed “Fitness”. When working out, you can now track fitness metrics for dance, functional strength training and core training as well as your post-workout cooldown.

You’ll be able to see all this data in the Fitness app and share it with friends for some healthy competition if that’s your vibe.

One of the more wild software updates is in response to COVID-19. There is now a handwashing function, which according to Apple, works by automatically detecting “when you begin washing and helps you keep going for the amount of time recommended by global health organisations.”

Once you start washing your hands, the Apple Watch will start a 20-second timer and if you don’t finish the full 20-seconds, it’ll encourage you to do so. This new update can also remind you to wash your hands when you get home. Handy.

The watchOS7 update is currently available for the Apple Developer Program and will be released to the public next month.

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