How Synchronising Your Wellness Can Improve Your 4 Pillars of Health

Goodbye calories and cardio, hello considered movement. Synchronising your wellness means creating health and fitness habits that benefit the core layers of your overall wellbeing. There are four main pillars to consider when it comes to synchronising wellness:

Making time for active wellness that addresses each of these pillars individually would be a full-time job in itself. So, here’s how to synchronise efficiently and ultimately find more balance in your routine.

Combine Exercise With Nature Experiences

Synchronise score: ★★★★

(Physical wellness, environmental wellness, mental wellness and social wellness)

Take your workout outdoors. This could be hiking at a national park, spending an afternoon attending to the garden or joining a local ‘conservation club’ where you get together with others to regenerate nature by planting trees.

If you want to slow down your physical output and make your nature experience more of a mental workout, try forest bathing. A science-backed practice (originating in Japan) that incorporates bathing in the green light of a forest and being present to enjoy nature’s calm and sensory experience.

Mix It Up With Group Exercise Classes

Synchronise score: ★★★☆

(Physical wellness, mental wellness and social wellness)

Add some social wellness to your exercise routine by swapping out a solo workout for a group class. Fitness First has a huge range of group exercise classes to choose from where you’ll get to meet a friendly and like-minded fitness community.

Swap High-Intensity Workouts for Something Zen

Synchronise score: ★★★☆

(Physical wellness, mental wellness and social wellness)

Commit to a ‘mental workout’ at least once a week to manage stress and anxiety. A guided yoga class, for example, is a great way to slow things down and improve mental wellness.

Get Your Heart Rate Up

Synchronise score: ★★☆☆

(Physical wellness and mental wellness)

Exercise that increases your heart rate is well and truly proven to boost health, particularly cardiovascular health. But it’s also a great way to manage moods, anxiety and depression. Try a guided HIIT or dance class to synchronise physical and mental wellness.

Use Fitness to Give Back to the Community

Synchronise score: ★★★☆

(Physical wellness, mental wellness, environmental wellness and social wellness)

Whether it’s registering for a marathon and raising money for charity or attending a ‘clean up’ walk, giving back to your community is going to give you some serious feel-good vibes. You’ll be exerting physical energy while meeting and socialising with a bunch of charitable people, too.

Consolidate Your Memberships

Synchronise score: ★★★☆

(Physical wellness, mental wellness and social wellness)

Find a gym that offers more than just functional training equipment. Having a membership at Fitness First means you’ll have access to group exercise classes, personal training options, Pilates, yoga and an exclusive member app with on-demand workouts to make synchronising wellness so much easier.

I completely understand that it may be a little overwhelming to immediately incorporate all of these steps into your current routine. So, instead, work on creating sustainable habits. Start by choosing one and then expanding from there once it’s a natural part of your day-to-day.

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