Will There Be a Second Season of ‘WandaVision’? Kevin Feige Is Still Playing Coy


Kevin Feige is probably pretty sick of being asked if WandaVision — the hugely popular Disney+ series that sees Wanda Maximoff and Vision attempting to live a quiet life in New Jersey with their sons after the events of 2019’s Avengers: Endgame — will be returning for a second season.

Even so, the Marvel Boss is still not ready to give the game away just yet, giving a fairly vague response to a fan who asked about a sophomore outing for the series during a virtual Paley Dialogue session.

“Yes to an evolution of storyline; probably and inevitably in many different capacities,” he said.

“That’s the first place where that story will continue but there will be other places.”

While Feige is so far remaining tight-lipped on the future of the critically acclaimed spin-off, it seems unlikely that there won’t be another version of it.

WandaVision is being pushed heavily for Emmy season and is the third most-watched Disney+ premiere, pulling in around 10,000 households in Australia. Not to mention the slew of accolades the show received at the 2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards with the series receiving four trophies including best series and best performance in a TV show for lead actress Elizabeth Olsen.

Olsen recently said that there definitely would not be a second season of the critically acclaimed Disney+ series, telling Kaley Cuoco in a Variety interview that it was “definitely a limited series”.

She then elaborated with, “I mean, I’m saying that. I don’t know. I mean, with Marvel, you can never say no. People die…”

What we do know for sure is that Wanda will star in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness next year, so we can at least look forward to that.

Meanwhile, Disney+ is on a roll with its slate of Marvel content. The streaming platform enjoyed great success with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and fans are currently responding enthusiastically to the standalone series Loki which sees Tom Hiddleston reprise his role as the God of Mischief.

Additionally, She-Hulk is set to hit the streamer in the future, with Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters — who is Bruce Banner’s cousin. In the comic books, Walter takes on the Hulk’s superpowers after receiving an emergency blood transfusion from Banner. Mark Ruffalo will also appear along with Tim Roth, who played the villain in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk and Jameela Jamil who was recently announced as villain Titania.

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