Stuggling With WFH Motivation? A Virtual Co-Working Space Might Prove Helpful

After over seven months of working from home, it’s safe to say that your motivation might be waning at times. While WFH has provided a boost in productivity for many people, the Groundhog Day effects can wreak havoc on your motivation levels.

If you’re in need of a little more human contact, albeit virtually, there’s a handy new way to achieve this. Ultraworking, also called “The Work Gym”, is a virtual co-working space where people from across the world work side-by-side via Zoom.

You basically log on to Zoom with a bunch of other people and you all work with your cameras on for 30-minute blocks. According to 7 News, each cycle is led by a moderator, who chairs a 10-minute break where people can interact following the initial 30 minutes.

This style of working alongside each other virtually is designed to increase concentration and motivation, as it provides a similar structure to that of working in an office.

Ultraworking says the element of social accountability is what makes the concept work so well. Coupled with the use of a moderator whose job it is to keep the session on track and ensure you’re not getting distracted, it provides a level of support that some people might be lacking while WFH.

Caveday is another virtual co-working space that uses “work sprints” to increase motivation and productivity. A sprint can last for up to 52 minutes and is interspersed with guided breaks, which include breathing exercises and stretching.

While the concept might seem bizarre, the idea of accountability and not letting others down is what makes virtual co-working a successful experience for many people.

“People seem more willing to let themselves down than to let other people down,” Sebastian Marshall, CEO of Ultraworking, told CNN. “You say you’ll go to the gym, and then you don’t. But if you’ve got a gym buddy or a personal trainer, you’re not going to blow them off.”

While working alongside your colleagues virtually or in-person might not be possible, using a virtual co-working space could prove helpful with your motivation and productivity levels. To sign up for these virtual co-working spaces, you’re looking at AUD$70 per month for unlimited work cycles at Ultraworking and nearly AUD$60 a month for Caveday.

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