Useful Grooming Hacks for the Well Presented Man

Grooming Hacks

Maintaining the grooming habits of someone like James Bond is no easy feat.

But, there are a few grooming skills you can take from 007 and use in your own routine to ensure that you’re looking polished and well presented.

Incorporate these hacks into your life and you’ll be one step closer to Bond himself.

Shave after showering

It might be tempting to do all of your facial grooming before stepping into the shower, but it’s way better to shave post-shower. The shower steam softens facial hair and helps to open up skin follicles, so you’ll experience a closer shave and have softer skin after.

Use hand cream in your hair

When humidity or rain has mucked with your ‘do, try a little hand cream. Squirt a small amount of cream into your hand and rub between your palms. Lightly smooth the unruly hair back into place with the cream. This is great for when you’re out and about and don’t have your hair products with you. This hand cream from French apothecary brand Buly 1803 is super nourishing and looks super chic in your briefcase.

Grooming Hacks
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Exfoliate your lips

Ditch dry, flaky lips with the help of your toothbrush. Simply rub your dry toothbrush over your lips and the bristles will help to remove the dead and dry skin. Pop some lip balm on top after exfoliating to lock in moisture and don’t forget to rinse your toothbrush.

Increase longevity of your razor

To achieve a close shave, your razor has to be in tip-top condition. So, to avoid corrosion and dullness, you must dry off your razor after using it. The easiest way to do this is by blasting it with your hairdryer. It will effectively dry the razor (and quickly!), while also getting rid of trapped hair in the blades.

Grooming Hacks
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Trim nails after the shower

Taking care of your hands is important as they can easily create a good or bad impression depending on what state they are in. Make sure to trim your nails once a week and do this after having a shower. The water and steam will have softened them, making the process much easier. Cut away any flaky skin around the nail bed as well and moisturise your hands after to keep them soft.

A cold pack can hide a hangover

Spending a night on the booze means you’ll often wake up with a puffy face. No one is really immune from this but there is a way to treat it. Simply lay a cold pack (or bag of frozen peas) over your face for a few minutes and it’ll help to reduce any puffiness. Alternatively, a specifically created ice roller can do an even better job. This one from Amazon is super cheap and does a great job of calming and de-puffing your face.

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