Drake and Travis Scott Join the Beauty World With New Fragrance and Candle Releases

Celebrities entering the fragrance space isn’t anything new but it is a recent venture for both Drake and Travis Scott. The rappers have both announced the release of fragrances — while one is a collaboration, the other is the launch of a fragrance house.

Travis Scott has teamed up with Byredo to release a candle and a fragrance, which also marks his first partnership with a beauty brand. The limited-edition collaboration, which is called Travx Space Rage, is available now and as the title might suggest, is space-themed.

The top notes of Scott’s fragrance are described as cosmic dust with antimatter particles, while the middle notes include starlight and the scent of supernova and base notes of atmospheric vapour and dark nebulae. Interesting!

While we’re not sure how this scent actually translates in real life, the collaboration is undoubtedly a cool one with both the candle and fragrance housed in chic galactic-coloured packaging.

Instagram @officialbyredo

Drake, on the other hand, has announced the launch of his very own fragrance brand called Better World Fragrance House. According to GQ, Drake will be releasing five candles under the brand including one called ‘Carby Musk’, which is apparently inspired by Drake’s own personal scent. If you want to know what Drake smells like, that’s the one to go for.

The other four scented candles also have interesting names like ‘Sweeter Tings’, ‘Williamsburg Sleepover’, ‘Good Thoughts’ and ‘Muskoka’ and have been developed with the help of Swiss fragrance house Givaudan.

Instagram @revolve

The range of candles is set to launch before Christmas, but no official date has been given just yet. You can sign up to the Better World website for updates and follow the brand’s Instagram page to stay up-to-date.

In October, a selection of final samples from the range was listed by online retailer Revolve, ranging from $72 to $120 for Carby Musk. Somewhat unsurprisingly, the samples sold out quickly.

While you might have to wait a little longer for Drake’s Better World Fragrance House wares to launch, you can get your hands on Scott’s spacey scents via Byredo right now.

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