The Unsung Superfoods Worth Adding to Your Diet

When it comes to superfoods, we often hear about how good berries, chia and kale are for us. 

But there are plenty of lesser-known foods that rate just as highly on the superfood scale, and with the added benefit of being easier and cheaper to incorporate into your diet.

Here are four unsung superfoods you need to get acquainted with today.

1. Anchovies

The tasty little morsels that hide out in Caesar salads, pizza and pasta dishes are not only salty extras that add flavour to many dishes, but nutrient powerhouses in their own right. 

Rich in protein and omega-3 fats, anchovies are especially low in mercury content. Just 30g of anchovies provides 6g of protein and almost 1g of omega-3 fats. And while they’re relatively high in salt, for most of us any negatives are far outweighed by their positive nutritional profile.

2. Purslane

A green leafy salad vegetable that few of us have heard of, purslane has as much of the plant form of omega-3 fat as some types of fish. 

Exceptionally rich in a number of key nutrients including vitamins A, B and C, purslane is one of the most nutrient-dense leafy greens you can find. 

Best consumed with a little olive oil and vinegar to dull the slightly acidic taste, it’s also exceptionally low in calories.

3. Japanese sweet potato

Unlike traditional orange sweet potatoes, Japanese sweet potatoes have purple or red skin and bright yellow flesh, and are a little sweeter than other varieties. 

They’re particularly rich in antioxidant molecules including beta carotene and they’re a rich source of vitamins B5 and B6. 

This sweet potato forms a staple part of the diets of some of the healthiest people in the world and as such, their regular consumption is associated with good skin and a long and healthy life

4. Hemp

With new legislation now permitting low-THC hemp seed foods to be sold in Australia, expect to see hemp ice cream, seeds and even beer doing the rounds. 

However, if you’re hoping for any ‘special benefits’, you’ll be disappointed – while hemp and marijuana come from the same plant species, hemp plant seeds don’t contain a traceable amount of THC, the hallucinogenic component of marijuana. 

This protein-rich seed can be used as a complete protein because it contains all the essential amino acids and is a rich source of essential fats. It can be used as a nutrient-dense addition to muffins, smoothies and yoghurt. 

Hemp packs a strong nutritional punch, although it’s a lot more expensive than chia and its distinct flavour isn’t necessarily appealing to everyone.

This story originally appeared in Fitness First magazine.

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