Finland Is Officially the Happiest Place in the World, and It Wants to Teach Us Its Ways

finland masterclass of happiness

The World Happiness Report has been released, and surprise, surprise, Finland has been crowned the happiest country in the world for the fifth year in a row. To celebrate the award, Finland wants to share its secrets to happiness with the world. We, personally, would love to know their secret. Also, International Day of Happiness (March 20) is around the corner, so we thought it was fitting.

The first country to ever host its own masterclass, Finland will connect the lucky participants with expert coaches who will guide them towards a balanced way of life that promotes happiness the Finnish way. The coaching will cover four key themes: nature and lifestyle; health and balance; design and every day; food and well-being.

In case you were wondering, Australia ranked 12 on a list of 146 countries. Our Kiwi neighbours across the ditch beat us by two, coming in 10th on the list.

finland masterclass of happiness

The Masterclass of Happiness will be held from June 12-15, 2023 at the Kuru Resort in Finland, a luxurious resort surrounded by fragrant pine forests and breathtaking views, situated in the Finnish Lakeland.

Each villa is designed from the ground up with nature in mind, equipped with its own spa and sauna. The idea is to kickstart your happiness journey from the moment you land. The ten chosen participants from around the world will arrive in Finland on June 11 and depart on June 16. The four-day masterclass will be entirely free of charge for the chosen participants. Visit Finland is also covering travel expenses to and from Finland, so there’s no excuse. 

According to the Oracle Happiness Report of 2022, 45% of people globally have not felt true happiness in more than two years and 25% don’t know or have forgotten, what it means to feel truly happy.

Finns are often asked, ‘Why are you so happy?’ We believe Finnish happiness stems from a close relationship with nature and our down-to-earth lifestyle,” said Heli Jimenez, Senior Director, of International Marketing at Business Finland.

In Finland, it’s a common belief that happiness is not a mystical state, but a skill that can be learned.

finland masterclass of happiness

“We want to help people find their ‘inner Finn’ and master the Finnish state of mind. We’ve chosen the best coaches, one of the most breath-taking resorts in Finland, and a time in the early summer amid the beautiful Finnish nature for our Masterclass. We feel it’s a really unique opportunity to discover something wonderful and valuable. Anyone curious should definitely apply,” said Jimenez.

To apply and be in the running to find your happiness, click here. You can apply individually or with one other person. After you’ve filled out the form, there is a social media challenge, you must complete on either TikTok or Instagram to be considered. It’s fairly straightforward. Create content (be creative) showing Visit Finland what makes you a Finn and why you want to join the Masterclass of Happiness. Use the hashtags #FindYourInnerFin and #VisitFinland and tag @ourfinland to be discovered.

Applications close on April 2, 2023, CET and the lucky winners will be publicly announced on Visit Finland’s Instagram and TikTok channels on May 2, 2023.

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