Five Ways to Stay COVID Safe This Christmas

covid safe christmas

Suffice to say, everyone’s Christmas is looking a little – okay, a lot – different this year. State borders have closed in the last week, the Northern Beaches has been split in half.

Wherever you are, whatever Christmas plans you’ve had to cobble together – The Latch is here to help you keep COVID-safe this festive season:

Know the rules for your state

Christmas and rules aren’t something that should go together – unless it’s a drinking game – but this year it’s important to adhere to them. As each state has different rules for public gathering, it’s best to check what the rules are for yours – The Department of Health can help you with that.

Give it a miss if you’re sick

Staying healthy, and keeping your loved ones healthy, is possibly the greatest gift you can give this year (corny phrasing, but you know it’s true). If you’re feeling unwell, get tested and isolate. There’s always next year – or Christmas in July (pending government approval).

Know you aren’t alone. Due to the Avalon cluster, people are self-isolating up and down the coast. Set time aside for a Zoom call, or unwrap presents with family or friends over FaceTime.

Head outside – or at least open the windows

By now, we all know that the risk of transmission is lower outdoors. So plan for an outdoor picnic, lunch, or barbeque – and if that’s not possible (apartment life!), ventilate as much as possible. Throw open your doors, open the windows wide, and let as much fresh air n as possible.

Chuck out the mistletoe and the shared chips

It may be harder than usual to maintain six feet at all times. One thing to reduce the possible spread is to reduce kisses, cuddles and cozying up.

Shared food is another thing to avoid. Try and avoid a buffet spread with shared utensils, and serve up individual portions.

Place sanitiser by the champagne glass

My two-year-old nephew now knows the word sanitiser, after the year we’ve had. It’s not something that should stop at Christmas – if you’re having guests over, make sure they’re practicing good hand hygiene. Spread soap and sanitisers throughout the house.

Yes, this year has been nothing like we planned – and now Christmas has fallen victim to it too. But the safer we stay this festive period, the more likely we’ll be able to return to our bustling, beloved, sunburnt Christmas next year.

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