What Will the Weather Be Like on Christmas Day?

Christmas weather

One of the best things about spending Christmas in Australia is the weather. Well, usually, that is. Because while most years, Christmas Day sees us treated to blue skies and scorching sun rays, perfect weather for lazy morning swims followed by long (outdoor) Christmas lunches, this year, the chances of us getting that are — and we hate to sound like a downer here — slim to none.

Yep, thanks to La Niña, the weather pattern we’re currently experiencing, this summer, we’re set to see an increased chance of rainfall and cooler-than-average daytime temperatures, which means there’s a good chance that’ll be the case on Christmas Day.

So, is it? Will our Christmas Day be wet and chilly, like so many other days this summer? Or will we be gifted *fingers crossed* with a fluke of sunny weather?

Christmas Day Weather 2021

Turns out, La Niña may actually have a heart after all. According to AccuWeather, Christmas Day in Sydney is expected to be sunny with patchy clouds. Temperatures are expected to reach 24C with only a 20% chance of rain and a 2% chance of thunderstorms. The max UV index is expected to be 12, however, which is ‘very unhealthy’, so be sure wear heaps of sunblock before hitting the beach or spending any time outdoors.

Melbourne weather is expected to be great, too, with highs of 23C and just 25% chance of rain. Blue skies, however, may not be on the menu, with cloud cover an expected 60%.

In Brisbane, unfortunately, there’s set to be considerable cloudiness, with cloud cover at 92%. Still, though, the weather won’t be too bad, with only 25% chance of rain and highs of 27C expected.

Perth residents (and those visiting there on Christmas Day) will be treated to temperature highs of 29C, with only 10% chance of rain. Like in Sydney, however, the max UV index is expected to be 12, which is ‘very unhealthy’, so be sure to slap on the sunscreen.

Unfortunately for those planning on spending Christmas Day in Hobart, however, it is set to rain. It’ll be overcast in the morning followed by areas of drizzle in the afternoon. The chance of rain is 58%, with 14% chance of thunderstorms. Cloud cover will be 90%.

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