What Can We Expect the Weather to be Like on Christmas Day?

Christmas weather

One of the best parts about Christmas in Australia is our weather. Well, usually, that is. Most years, Christmas Day — a day off for most people around the country — sees us treated to cloudless blue skies and scorching sun rays. Weather perfect for morning swims followed by long Christmas lunches, usually held outdoors.

So, what is in store for Christmas weather this year? And when does the holiday fall, anyway? Ahead, we answer all.

When Is Christmas Day 2023?

This year, Christmas falls on Monday, December 25, while Boxing Day is Tuesday, December 26. This means you’ll get those actual days as the public holidays, as opposed to the holidays falling over the weekend, in which case you would get the following weekdays off.

New Year’s Day this year will fall on Monday, January 1. By taking the three days off between Christmas and New Year’s — December 27, 28 and 29 — you’ll get 10 days off in total. The break will go from Saturday, December 23 to Monday, January 1.

If you want an even longer break, you could also take the four days remaining days of that first week of the year. In other words, taking seven days of annual leave over the holiday period will give you 16 days of holiday — more than double what you’ve booked off.

What’s the Expected Christmas Day Weather 2023?

So, now that we know the Christmas 2023 date, what can we expect from the weather? Will the day be wet and chilly? Or will we be gifted *fingers crossed* with sunny weather?

While Christmas Day is still a few months away, so it’s hard to get an accurate prediction of the weather, we can look to what temperatures were like on that day last year.

In Sydney, according to Weather25.com, it was a mild temperature day, not a scorcher like other Christmas Days in the past, but it wasn’t too chilly. Lows were 19.3°, while highs were 23.8°. Humidity, though, was at a steamy 78.3%.

Melbourne weather was similar, though it did get much colder. Lows were 13.3° and highs were 24.8°. Humidity was a much more bearable 59%. Brisbane, meanwhile put on a show of its usual balmy weather, with lows of 21.3° and highs of 26°.

Last year on Christmas Day in Perth, it got hot — 32.3° hot and not a drop of rain in the sky. Lows were 21.8°. Hobart had a big difference in day and night temperatures, with day highs of 20.3° and lows of a chilly 6.5°.

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