The Positive Side Effects of Sleeping Naked That Have Nothing to Do With Sleep


In its next column for The Latch, BARE Therapy reveals the lesser-known benefits of sleeping sans pyjamas. 

When it comes to nightwear, the options are endless. Sleep shorts and an old high-school T-shirt, luxe bamboo sleepwear, flannel PJs, nighties long or short… But which is actually best for you?

It turns out – none of them! Sleeping naked* offers up a raft of benefits, mentally, physically and emotionally. Not to mention there’s less laundry to do.

Here’s why we’re fans of sleeping sans pyjamas:

It gives your skin a chance to breathe

Constantly wearing fabrics, especially synthetic ones, can cause breakouts over your skin due to the accumulation of sweat and heat. This is especially prevalent in your private parts, an area that is already warm and needs to breathe.

Sleeping without underwear helps your intimate health by allowing the vagina to breathe, and reducing the risk of developing a yeast infection, also known as thrush.

To give your skin the best shot at recuperating overnight, have a warm shower at night and exfoliate your entire body with a light loofah. Lather yourself in a night-time light lotion with ingredients like lavender or calendula, and hop into bed clean from the day’s pollution and relaxed from the warm water.

Skin-on-skin feels sexy

When your body experiences low-intensity stimulation of the skin, such as simple touch or stroking, oxytocin is released in the brain. You can experience this each day as you cuddle a newborn baby or squeeze your friend to celebrate their promotion. And in bed, it happens inadvertently when you brush up against your loved one in the middle of the night, sans clothing.

While you get a rush of the ‘happy hormone’ from skin-to-skin contact, your subconscious may also be aroused by the feeling of different textures touching your skin – the soft linen sheets, your partner’s leg, the softness of your silk pillow…

Improve your self-confidence

Body image hang-ups are the pits, and we understand the effects this can have on your confience when you’re feeling a little less ‘you’.

A subconscious way to deal with mental blocks around your body image can be to sleep naked and make running to the bathroom or jumping out of bed in the morning a body ritual – something you feel on your skin, and see as you glance in the bathroom mirror or run past the window to the loo.

Recognising and thanking your body for what it does, while under the security of your own sheets, can also help you to fall in love with your body once more.

Sleep better without struggling against pyjamas

Ever worn a loose top or nightie to bed and rolled over to get into a comfier position only to tangle yourself in your sleeping gown and wake up frustrated? Us too! Now imagine making that same move without clothing, free and flexible – dreamy bliss.

Sleeping without clothing helps you fall asleep quicker (thanks to the lack of aforementioned clothing struggles) and deeper as your body self-regulates to find the ideal temperature for a snooze. Say no to PJs and yes to a deeper night’s sleep.

Improve your physical and mental health

Great sleep begets great sleep. This works in two ways: essentially, if you sleep well, you’ll have a more positive mental state because you won’t be reaching for quick fixes and foods like chocolate or sodas that mess with your circadian rhythm.

In addition, getting a good amount of sleep boosts your immune system, staving off cold and flu as we get into winter. Being mentally and physically healthy lead to falling asleep easier, and thus the cycle continues.

So next time you’re wondering if the weather calls for short or long pyjamas, consider wearing nothing at all to bed and see how it feels.

*in clean sheets.

BARE Therapy is an online counselling and sex-education service, run by Tammi (GradDipCouns). Find your pleasure by following her on Instagram for the hottest tips on great sex and positive relationships – @bare__therapy.

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