This New Self-Refreshing Foundation Gives You a Matte Finish That Doesn’t Crease or Fade

Shiseido Makeup launched into MECCA earlier this month, and with the announcement of Euphoria star Hunter Schafer as the ambassador of the 2021 campaign, Shiseido is reimagining beauty in a big way with bold colours and textures in the world of lips and eyes.

For those who aren’t wanting to recreate a Euphoria-esque eye look, there are a plethora of Shiseido Makeup products to choose from including concealer, foundation, blush and a series of tools.

I have rarely worn foundation this whole year but after being given the chance to try the Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation, I have worn the base product frequently in an attempt to put the product through its paces.

Aesthetically, the foundation bottle is beautiful with frosted glass and a black cap that opens when you turn it to the left. The weightiness of the bottle adds to its feeling of quality and it certainly looks nice sitting on my vanity cupboard.

The product comes in at $75 for a 30ml bottle and there are 30 shades available in this range. The number of shades doesn’t rival the 50 offered by Fenty Beauty and is on a similar par to the number offered by Estee Lauder and NARS.

The formula itself is pretty lightweight and blends into the skin easily and after wearing a few times, I haven’t noticed the product settling into any of the nooks and crannies of my face, which according to Shiseido, is down to the ActiveForce™ Technology that prevents the product from creasing or fading.

The foundation offers medium coverage and a little bit really goes a long way, so you can build coverage by applying more product to your skin. As someone who has dry skin and is loyal to dewy base products, this foundation definitely leaves a more matte finish.

While this is preferable for many others, after a whole day of wearing the foundation I have noticed the texture of my skin looking a wee bit dry. The Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation is also oil-free, which is why it leaves a more matte effect.

As I tried the foundation during the cooler months, when my skin was more prone to dryness, I’m interested to test it out during the hotter weather in order to whether there is a change in how my skin reacts to the foundation.

The product is fragrance-free but it does have a very subtle smell that is honestly pleasing to me. It smells like some sort of baby skincare product that I can’t quite put my finger on but I’m totally here for. It smells fresh and gentle if that is at all possible?!

The real MVP of this foundation is actually the Shiseido Daiya Fude Face Duo brush which I have used alongside the product. The fluffy brush is diamond-shaped and made from synthetic bristles, which are designed to blend and diffuse the product.

The brush deposits product onto the skin and blends it in to give you a “your skin but better” look, which I love. It also contains a non-porous gel blender on the opposite side to the bristle, which is great for bouncing concealer or foundation into your skin. This little blender is squishy to the touch and mimics your fingertip for dabbing in product.

While not super necessary, it is a handy little tool and one that I’ve used many times with concealer. At $64, it is an investment for a single makeup brush but it is a tool I have loved using and the double-sided approach does make foundation blending easier.

So, while Shiseido’s Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation won’t be replacing my usual base product, I am looking forward to giving it a go in the hotter months to see how the matte-ness of the product fares with summer skin. But I think if you’re prone to oilier skin, this product would be perfect for your complexion all year round.

As a dewy, glowy skin lover I can’t quite get on board with a matte product for my personal everyday use but the quality of this formula is lovely and the entire experience of the packaging and the brush do feel really special.

Head online to MECCA to shop the Shiseido Makeup range.

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