Is Uber Green the Rideshare Revolution It Wants to Be? Let’s Talk About It

My Uber Green review.

It was September 20, and I was completely munted. The weather was hot, the water was freezing, and my swim had not rejuvenated me into a goddess. So, instead of battling Sydney’s public transport, like a ratbag, I ordered myself an Uber home.

However, on this particular day, there was something strange about my Uber order page. There was a new ride option chilling at the top. A new service called Uber Green. 

So, with a curious finger, I ordered one. Here’s everything that you need to know about Uber Green, through my review of this service. 

My Uber Green Review

Uber Green is a service that lets humans order an electric or hybrid vehicle to pick them up. In Australia, Uber Green is currently available across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, and the Gold Coast. 

According to Uber, these trips cost the same as a standard ride. They should have similar wait times too.

Fortunately, this was my experience when ordering an Uber Green vehicle. Both the bog-standard service and a green ride were $30.99. I then waited less than eight minutes for my ride.  

What’s more, after I jumped in the car, my Uber trip was rather routine. My driver was polite about my wet bag, we small-talked for a bit, he fell in love with me, and was too afraid to say anything. 

Disclaimer: I don’t know if my last two claims are true.

However, I know this to be a fact. There are some perks to the Uber Green experience that you just can’t get elsewhere. 

For instance, EVs are typically newer, so they tend to have nicer interiors. This meant I got a lux ride home at a taxi drive rate.

Additionally, I felt like an eco-princess as we zoomed through the burbs. ‘Cause EVs slap. They are just hands down better for the climate than a petrol-powered pushover. In 2023, this is a fact that’s not even worth a debate. 

As we slipped up to my street, I was incredibly pleased with my Uber Green experience. It was both fancy and an environmental slay. Good times.

Critique Time

Now, while this Uber Green review is a glowing one, I do have a solitary critique.  

As previously stated, Uber Green and a normal Uber ride are the same price. However, because our planet is being drowned under Antarctica’s wet corpse, it would be nice if Uber Green was a bit more affordable. It would be nice if an EV ride was cheaper than a petrol-powered one.

But, on the other hand, an Uber Green discount initiative might not make fiscal sense. If this Uber service becomes cheaper, then EV owners would be potentially penalised and might earn less on this app. This could incentivise them to work for a different ridesharing app or walk away from said gig in its entirety.

It would therefore be up to Uber to do right by these workers. Uber could pay these drivers more than the 72.5% cut that they’re currently earning. A decision that Uber’s leadership might not be stoked about.

The planet is drowning, and there is still money to be made. If Uber were to put an EV discount initiative in place, they would become environmental kings. Just some thoughts worth mulling on.

An Uber Green Conclusion 

After my Uber Green stopped on my street, I stepped onto the hot, humid tarmac. I then thanked my driver for the ride.

He responded, “Have a good night.”

As he drove away, I wondered if he was trying to say, “ Joel, I love you.” 

I wondered if he was trying to say, “Let’s abandon our families, go to Paris, have three wonderful bouncing baby boys.”

Now, will I ever know if such words were a potential reality? I don’t know. 

Yet, this trip wasn’t a total loss. Uber Green is a vibe, and I will definitely use it again. This service gets two golden thumbs-up.

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