You Can Now Donate Sanitary Items to Women in Need at Your Local Woolies

Period Poverty

Share the Dignity is a women’s charity that helps women experiencing domestic violence, homelessness or poverty in Australia. Twice a year, Share the Dignity holds a Dignity Drive, where people can donate sanitary items for women in need.

March marks Dignity Drive month and Share the Dignity has partnered with Woolworths. This means you can drop off donations at your local Woolies — or simply buy a few items to donate while doing your weekly grocery shop.

The donation drive accepts pads, maternity pads, incontinence pads, tampons, period-proof underwear and menstrual cups. All donations must be new and still sealed in their original packaging. Collection boxes are open until March 31 and you can find your local Woolworths donation spot here.

With the news that Scotland has plans to make sanitary items free for all women, Australia is still waiting for a similar and necessary change from the government. Thankfully, Share the Dignity is doing their best to combat period poverty.

According to the Australian Council of Social Service, there are over three million Australians currently living below the poverty line. And, according to Deborah Ferguson, the Chief Executive Officer of Share the Dignity, the number of Aussie women experiencing period poverty is growing.

“We remain committed to our vision to eradicate period poverty in this country,” Ferguson said. “We are working towards an Australia where women and girls will no longer be forced to use wadded up toilet paper or socks to manage their periods, which is a sad reality for too many girls and women today.”

Ferguson hopes that the donation spots at Woolies will make it even easier for people to donate.

“When you are shopping at Woolworths this March, Share the Dignity encourages you to think, ‘one for me, one for her’, because while it may seem like a small gesture, we know small dignities make a big difference.” she said.

Last year alone, the charity collected over half a million period products to be distributed among women and girls who can’t afford to buy sanitary items each month. This means that women in need won’t have to decide between spending their money on a meal or a tampon.

Happy donating, friends!

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