Sex on the First Date Can Be a Great Thing, New Research Confirms


Ditch the antiquated dating rules instilled by American rom-coms and date at whatever pace you feel comfortable with, even when that means going home with someone after one drink.

If all parties are feeling the vibes and have expressed consent to explore a connection sexually, then there’s nothing to say you shouldn’t have sex on the first date. Because despite what outdated movies will tell you, going home with someone after the first romantic meeting can actually be a great thing for the relationship, new data finds.

Recent findings from an Israeli-based team of researches at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya and the University of Rochester’s Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology found sex after the first date helped to initiate romantic relationships between potential lovers, and encourage the formation of an attachment between them.

“Sex may set the stage for deepening the emotional connection between strangers,” said the study’s lead author, Gurit Birnbaum, a social psychologist and associate professor of psychology at the IDC Herzliya.

“This holds true for both men and women. Sex motivates human beings to connect, regardless of gender.”

While the study had its limitations, one being that it looked into heterosexual relationships only, the researchers were able to conclude that sexual desire between strangers on a first date helped to facilitate patterns in behaviour that cultivated closeness and bonding over time.

“Sexual desire may play a causally important role in the development of relationships,” said Birnbaum. “It’s the magnetism that holds partners together long enough for an attachment bond to form.”

Harry Reis, the study’s co-author and a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, agreed. Adding:

“Although sexual urges and emotional attachments are distinct feelings, evolutionary and social processes likely have rendered humans particularly prone to becoming romantically attached to partners to whom they are sexually attracted.”

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