What to Focus on During Sagittarius Season (Even If You Aren’t Into Astrology)

Sagittarius season kicked off with the New Moon on November 26, and whether you believe in astrology or not this might just prove to be the perfect time for a bit of reflection. As the ninth astrological sign of the zodiac, Sagittarius represents courage, optimism and spontaneity; so what better excuse to garner these qualities, while embracing the season with open arms?

Sagittarius as an energy is encouraging and assisting us to make the most of what we’ve got to work with, reminding us to smile, to look within and see that we have had the answers all along”, according to the spiritual Instagram account, @girlandhermoon. Sounds pretty good, no? To break it down, and make it a little simpler to play along, we’ve created an easy-to-follow guide about how to make the most of this Sagittarius season. No matter your star sign, turning your attention to these things will surely benefit you regardless.

What to Focus on This Sagittarius Season: A Guide

  • What’s Going Well: Turn your sights inwards and take a moment to reflect on the things that are going well in life right now. Allow yourself to feel gratitude for these positive aspects of life, and use that fulfilment to encourage further optimism.

  • Find the Humor: While life has its ups and downs, Sagittarians are experts at maintaining a sense of humour; and that’s a lesson we can all learn from. Life is not only more fun but also more productive when we’re not taking it too seriously. The Astro Twins suggest using humour as a tool this season “for dealing with circumstances that are too overwhelming to comprehend.”

  • Future Adventures: It’s no secret that this star sign is known for its wanderlust, so take a minute to stop and brainstorm — or better yet, plan — for the next big trip you have in mind. “Sagittarius is here to stretch us beyond familiar terrain”, so what better time to turn your plans into action?

  • Take Care of Your Body: The Astro Twins suggest taking particular care of your liver during Sagittarius season, and considering all the holiday parties coming up, this sounds like pretty solid advice. If possible, also strive to eliminate toxins in your home, starting with replacing harsh chemicals with natural cleaners, for example.

  • Go Out of Your Comfort Zone: As an adventurous sign, Sagitarrius knows all-too-well that the best way to grow is by pushing boundaries. Why not try something you’ve always feared, or use this as an excuse to get that haircut you’ve been dreaming of. 

Regardless of your opinion on astrology, there is something to be gained for everyone by stopping for a moment to evaluate during this new astrological cycle. If nothing else, the energy and positivity that Sagittarius emulates is something we can all strive for as we move closer and closer towards a new year. With the stress of the holidays settling in all around us, it’s important to keep things light and free — as any Sagitarrian would suggest.