Generation Clay’s Founder On Using Mindful Marketing For Success

Generation Clay

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When it comes to all things skincare, Ryan Channing is your man.

Channing is the founder of The Blaq Group, an indie skincare company that houses three brands within it: BLAQ, Generation Clay and Flight Mode High Hydration Skincare.

While the company has only been around for four years, it’s Australia’s largest exporter of skincare. Since 2016, The Blaq Group has exported over two millions units of their Generation Clay Ultra Violet Brightening Purple Clay Mask and 1.8 million of BLAQ’s Hyaluronic Eye Masks.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on many industries, Channing has seen surprising growth in online sales of his skincare brands.

“Our eCommerce across all three brands has definitely seen growth and a spike within our sales, as a lot of people are spending a lot more time online and at home,” Channing told TheLatch—.

We spoke to Channing about how he’s navigating his business through the COVID-19 pandemic and his advice for other businesses at this time.

Alexandra McCarthy: Hi Ryan! Let’s start at the very beginning — when did you start your business and why?

Ryan Channing: I started the business in late 2016 and knew that one product and brand wasn’t complete. We saw the gap within the market for a brand that was formulated to deliver successful results and provide a service that was unique.

It’s been a very successful and challenging journey, but a very humbling experience.

AM: How has your business been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

RC: COVID-19 definitely has put a strain in a lot of businesses, no matter what size your company is large or small. Our expansion into US retail has definitely seen a big hit as every store has decided, with good reason, to shut their stores until we surpass this pandemic.

“With consumers having more free time after they finish their WFH day, they’re getting creative and playful with products.”

AM: Have you witnessed an increase in online sales?

RC: Our eCommerce across all three brands has definitely seen a growth and spike within our sales, as a lot of people are spending a lot more time online and at home.

With consumers having more free time after they finish their WFH day, they’re getting quite creative and playful with the products and the mentions haven’t stopped since. We’ve had about two to three mentions every 15 seconds.

AM: Why do you think you’ve seen success? Are you doing anything differently?

RC: We have always kept our advertising at a minimum and the team have definitely curated content that’s socially and mindfully aware of the current situation.

As well as our ongoing and existing campaigns still running with our beauty subscription model, the conversational tone with the brands has been a successful hit!

We have kept all our messaging the same, and to be mindful of the sensitivity during this time.

“Skim out on the essentuals and maintain what’s goign to provide your business value.”

AM: What advice do you have for other businesses to help survive this current climate?

RC: Explore what you need to decrease and take out of the business. Skim out on the essentials and maintain what’s going to provide your business immediate value during this time.

Rethink your strategies, messaging and any form of marketing to be more mindful of how consumers will translate to your actions.

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