How to Take the Best Snaps of Your Food, According to a Pro

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For many, food isn’t just a basic necessity, it’s a love language, and for Abby McGrath, she’s fluent. The mastermind behind the Instagram account, @foodnutz Abby is always on the hunt for unique and delicious foodie experiences to share with her followers.

The Latch caught up with Abby to chat about her love for food, the most surprising thing she has ever eaten, how to take the best snaps of your food, and what it means to be set for life. Here’s what she had to say:

TL: Tell us a little about yourself.

AM: My name is Abby and I am the face behind Foodnutz. I am 22-years-old and currently in my fourth year of university — studying a Bachelor in Social Work and Criminology.

TL: Where did your love of food come from? 

AM: I’ve always loved food. Dining out, cooking and eating have always been a passion of mine. They say you either eat to live or live to eat… I definitely live to eat.

Living in a place like Sydney, amazing food isn’t hard to come by. My exposure to different cuisines and dining experiences from a young age has definitely contributed to my love and excitement for food.

From watching Masterchef as a kid to following cooking videos on TikTok, my interest in and love for food have evolved. I’ve grown to appreciate the talent and magic that is cooking only fostering a greater appreciation of fantastic and flavourful food.

TL: What inspired you to create Foodnutz?

AM: In 2015 I created Foodnutz, a food and dining Instagram. I had accumulated so many food pictures but I had no idea what to do with them. Creating the account was the easiest way for me to share my dining experiences and my love of photography.

At first, my pictures had sepia filters and whitagram borders but over the past seven years, my account has drastically changed. I began sharing with followers my thoughts about restaurants and food.

At first, sharing my opinions felt wrong and a little entitled — what did I know about food? But over time I’ve learned to share my opinions with a bit more confidence. Sharing my thoughts, recommendations, and experiences has allowed me to grow my page and has allowed for greater interactions with followers and fellow foodies.

TL: Do you love cooking as much as eating? 

AM: I love cooking and I love cooking for others. The process of trying and tasting new recipes is always exciting and satisfying and there’s something special about cooking for people — It brings people together, creates community and fosters an environment for conversations and connection.

I definitely love eating, but cooking feels special and it’s always a relaxing way to unwind at the end of the day. I wouldn’t particularly call myself a good cook, but I do love to try.

TL: What’s the most surprising thing you’ve eaten? 

AM: I think the most surprising thing I’ve ever eaten is camel. I visited the Ramadan Night Festival in Lakemba this year and tried the camel burger. Surprisingly juicy, the meat tasted very similar to that of beef — without knowing, you probably couldn’t taste the difference.

I do always love trying new things. Only a few years ago I couldn’t stand oysters and raw fish but now I search for them on every menu. Always helpful to dine with friends or family who push you to try new foods. You never know what you’re missing out on until you try.

TL: If you have to pick the best meal you’ve eaten since you started @foodnutz, where would it be and why? 

AM: It’s difficult to pick the best meal, I’ve been lucky enough to have tried so many amazing and delicious dishes BUT the two places I always come back to are Continental Deli and Huberts.

I visited Continental Deli for my birthday this year and was beyond pleased by the whole experience. From the service to the food, interiors and vibe it was a perfect and memorable birthday evening. If you love steak tartare (like me) this place is a must-visit.

Similarly, Huberts offered a faultless dining experience. The food is incredible and the jazz band that plays throughout offers a unique and noteworthy dining experience. The food hones in on simple yet excellently executed flavours. This a wonderful spot to add to your list.

TL: How have you perfect the art of photographing your food for the ‘gram?

AM: I’m definitely still learning the art of photography. It’s a skill I hope to improve on. I currently take pictures on my iPhone (13Pro). I find the camera does exactly what I need and it’s simple to use.

I edit all my pictures on VSCO — I pay for the subscription service which provides access to a wider range of filters and editing tools. To create images for Foodnutz, I tend to increase the colour using saturation and lower the brightness.

I like to highlight the colourful nature of food, I think it increases its appeal and it differentiates it from other pictures on the Instagram feed. I’m still learning how to create the best, most aesthetic and most successful images.

TL: What’s your best advice for being ‘Set For Life’?

AM: Find your passions, find your hobbies and make time for them. Life is busy and chaotic, it’s important to put aside time to focus on the things you love. Being able to put my passion into a project and share it with others has been a special and ongoing experience.

I’m excited by the process and I enjoy planning, creating and sharing content. My advice would be to simply make time for yourself and the passions you hope to pursue. And just like they say… the best time to start was yesterday, and the second best time is now.

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