The Latest Northern Beaches COVID Rumour Involves a Famous Actor and a Gym

Bryan Brown

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic we’ve heard a fair few rumours as to how the virus started and how it spread. These theories range from 5G mobile technology spreading the disease to the whole thing just being one big scamola

Now, because people have really had too much time on their hands, comes the theory that actor Bryan Brown and his wife Rachel Ward were the culprits behind the surge of cases on the Northern Beaches after partaking in a personal training session at their home. 

The false information was quickly rectified by Ward who jumped on social media to tell skeptics that she hadn’t been to the US in half a decade (the strain currently circulated is said to have originated Stateside). 

Additionally, Anytime Fitness Avalon debunked claims that a trainer from their gym had visited the couples home in Whale Beach and urged people to “stop playing the blame game victimising innocent individuals and businesses”.

The Northern Beaches (or, the “insular peninsula” as so many like to call it) has been the subject of countless jokes and rumours since the COVID cluster was first identified. At the time of publication, the number of cases stands at 83 with the entire area in lockdown and Christmas plans hanging in the balance. 

The mystery remains as to how the virus came to the region, after NSW had experienced an impressive streak of no locally acquired cases. 

A couple in their 60’s and 70’s were the first ones diagnosed with COVID and were promptly lambasted after it appeared they had not isolated after being tested. Perhaps inadvertently adding fuel to the fire was NSW chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant who referred to the person at the centre of the growing cluster as “her” as she detailed how it was believed the strain of COVID made its way from America to Avalon.

The NSW Government remains adamant that they do not know how the virus escaped containment in hotel quarantine and made its way into the community. 

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