Queensland’s EV Rebate Scheme Is Based — Here’s Why

It’s Happening: The Queensland Government is killing it. In Feb, they became the first state to allow pill testing to take place. In April, they started pushing for better rent limits. And soon after that, they made a tonne of electric vehicles a tonne more affordable.

As of 2023, Queensland has doubled how much you’d get back when you buy an EV. When you used to buy an EV, you’d receive a $3000 rebate. Now, this amount is $6000. 

What’s more, Queensland’s also making it so more EVs are available through this rebate scheme. It used to be that only vehicles that were $58,000 or less were eligible for a rebate. And this number has just been bumped up the heck up. EVs that cost $60,000 are now good to drive off the lot.

“We’re seeing the prices of EVs fluctuate on the back of rising materials costs and inflation left by the Morrison Government,” said Queensland’s Minister for Energy, Mick de Brenni. “So we’ve increased the eligible price cap to $68,000, and increased the rebate amount from $3000 to $6000 for eligible households.”

“This is about making EVs more affordable and more accessible to all Queenslanders to slash emissions and act on climate change with cleaner technology. We want more zero-emission vehicles on Queensland roads with Queensland families to have access to cheaper and cleaner vehicles,” de Brenni continued.

Now, it’s worth noting that this update dropped alongside some other excellent news. On 26 April, the Federal Government and the NRMA stated that they’re building 117 fast EV charging sites around Australia. 

As Chris Bowen, our Federal Minister for Energy, said, “We’re making range anxiety a thing of the past. This project will help close the gaps and known black spots in the network and make it possible to drive from Darwin to Perth, Broken Hill to Adelaide, and from Brisbane to Tennant Creek in the NT.”

Suffice it to say, if there’s ever a time to score a Queensland EV rebate, it’s now. Carbon-neutral future, let’s go.

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