Beaut News: Australia’s Electric Cars Are Now Cheap as Chips

There’s no getting around it: Petrol cars are in their flop era. Even if they weren’t perpetuating the climate crisis, they’re too expensive to buy and too expensive to run.

Seriously, is there anything more existentially horrific than having your car glug up an entire paycheck at the petrol station? And for what, just so you can attend your least favourite aunt’s 57th birthday? It’s a nightmare, a complete and utter nightmare.

Which brings us to the Federal Government’s new electric car legislation. That’s right, a fresh discount was approved by Parliament on November 28.

This scheme will cut the cost of an electric vehicle by $4700 for some individuals. For businesses, they may be eligible for a discount of up to $9000. Moreover, 75% of the commonwealth’s fleet of cars will be made up of electrics. 

These discounts will be backdated to July of this year.

It’s worth noting that this legislation is a collaboration between multiple parties and members of Parliament. Labor has developed these policies with the Greens and the independent senator David Pocock in order to secure enough votes. 

“The government has worked in good faith with the crossbench on amendments,” said our Federal Treasurer, Jim Chalmers.

“These changes are a win for motorists, a win for business, and a win for climate action.”

What About Hybrids?

At first, Labor wanted this electric vehicle legislation to permanently provide tax breaks for folks who purchase hybrid cars. However, this was opposed by the likes of the Greens and Pocock. These parliamentarians consider hybrids to be not all that useful, as most hybrids somewhat run on petrol. 

And thus, a compromise was made. The tax breaks for hybrid cars will end in less than three years’ time.

“I welcome the government’s constructive approach to meeting me in the middle and excluding plug-in hybrids after April 1, 2025. This provides fleet companies certainty and allows the government to deliver on their promises around delivering charging infrastructure over the next three years,” said Pocock.

“The opportunity is to broaden access to clean, efficient technology of the future.”

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How Does the Coalition Feel?

Back in September, the Coalition opposed this bill. They did this on the grounds that they believe there are other ways to incentivise people to buy these cars.  

“There are better ways to encourage the take-up of electric vehicles, particularly building infrastructure,” said Coalition Spokesperson, Jane Hume.

However, the Federal Government didn’t need their votes. It passed without their support.

As the Leader of the Federal Greens, Adam Bandt, said, “The Greens have fast-tracked electric vehicles.”

“The government fleet will go electric, and when these cars are sold secondhand, it will help bring the cost down of EVs for everyday people. By limiting handouts to petrol cars and accelerating support for electric vehicles, the Greens in balance of power have pushed the government to go further and faster on climate.”

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