Heads Up: The EV Charging Revolution Is Imminent

Hey, you know what’s poggers? An EV road trip. Cruising down our highways, having the wind in your hair, vibing to MF DOOM, all while not destroying the ozone. 

However, you know what’s not poggers? There not being enough charging ports in Australia. Being stranded in the middle of the desert. Being stuck with a dead battery. 

Fortunately, the Australian Government knows that this is an issue. They know that there aren’t enough EV charging ports to go around. What’s more, they have teamed up with the NRMA to do something about this problem.

On April 26, the Australian Government and the NRMA committed to building 117 fast EV charging sites. Additionally, these charging sites will be built alongside our national highways. There will approximately be one fast charger every 150km.

A map of the EV charging ports that Australia will score.
Image: The Australian Government and the NRMA

“EVs aren’t just for the cities,” said our Minister for Energy, Chris Bowen. “And Australians who drive long distances either for work or for holidays should be able to reap the benefits of cars that are cheaper and cleaner to run,” 

“We’re making range anxiety a thing of the past. This project will help close the gaps and known black spots in the network and make it possible to drive from Darwin to Perth, Broken Hill to Adelaide, and from Brisbane to Tennant Creek in the NT.”

Now, this news is great news for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it incentives EV uptake. For some indidviuals, these charging ports may make buying an EV a tangible option.

Additionally, these EV charging ports will help our tourism industry flourish. As it stands, some EV users can’t get to a number of top-tier destinations. If they tried, their cars would die on the drive. So once these ports have been built, the doors of adventure blow open. 

The future is coming, folks. The future is on its way.

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